Lockable/Freezeable/Non-Withdrawable Pot

Hi All,

Did a quick search and cant seem to see a similar post already made so thought id throw in this suggestion.

A freezable pot as such whereby you cant just move the funds out of it without first reaching out to the guys on help or waiting a 3 day period or something along those lines. Would stop those impulse moments where you think AH i have the money in the pot so ill just that for this stupid impulse buy.

Apologies if this has already been suggested if not then would love to see this implemented :slight_smile:


How about a course on willpower :wink:

Great idea- or lock it for interest? Perhaps lock it away for a year to get a little bit extra?

Correct, basically turning a Pot into another form of an eSaver account that banks currently offer but with slightly more flexibility.

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With interest going into the coin jar? That would be cool!

I like this a lot. I could envisage some sort of countdown timer until the Pot becomes unlocked!


That is a great idea, would really suit someone like myself who is saving for a house … Tempting to take a little bit out towards the end of those tight months! :cold_sweat:

This would be a fantastic deterrent :grin:

This has been suggested previously and it is something Monzo are looking to add in the future


To me this is a must have feature! It’s the only thing that stops me from saving with Monzo at the moment and putting my money elsewhere.