Thoughts on Travel Reports

With Travel Reports now on Android, I got my first the other day after a trip to Portugal and so I thought I’d provide some feedback.


– Didn’t include cost of an Uber trip I took in the total, even though the transaction initially came through in euros.

– Didn’t include money I transferred to other people during the trip in the total.

– While the euro amount is correct, the £ amount is slightly wrong. This is probably because the exchange rate had not settled when the Travel Report was created. It would make more sense for the Travel Report to be created once the exchange rate for all holiday transactions have settled.

– Clicking on “Number of transactions” should produce a list of the transactions.

– It would be cool if the map at top had location pins at every transaction location for the holiday instead of one pretty useless pin seemingly randomly placed in the country.

– Something saying the length of the time in the country (eg: You were in Portugal from Wednesday, 27th June to Wednesday, 4th July)

– Something saying the average settled exchange rate for the transactions.

Does anyone have any other ideas to improve Travel Reports?


Issue with some of the improvements and issues is that for different circumstances they are in fact not issues nor improvements…

A settled rate could be different for every transaction

Money sends though at the time of travelling may not be related to the trip

Though both would be nice, a lot of detail would need to go into how they’re delivered to cater for all situations which would complicate the journeys and UI

I meant that the travel report would only appear after the exchange rate for all transactions had settled and then the average transaction rate would appear in the report. This way it wouldn’t matter if different transactions had different exchange rates. I’d say this would be an improvement because the Travel Report would have the correct £ value and it would be a way of telling people that the exchange rates had settled for all transactions.

Maybe it should only include money sent and marked as “Holiday”.


I’d like to be able to manually start a trip, purely for the automatic categorisation.

I recently holidayed in London but had to manually change the category of every transaction to Holiday since I was still in the UK.

Otherwise I really like the travel reports, I think they’re one of Monzo’s best features. Something you don’t realise you need until you have it.


Damn. Just realised that Monzo picked up on me categorising my London purchases as Holiday and has been doing the same with those merchants since.

Time for some retroactive recateorising. :weary:

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