Friend Locked Pots


I know that you can lock your pots, but I am someone (and I hope there’s many more…) who has a few beers and just relieves the lock to access the cash, making my saving pretty slow at times.

I would like to be able to lock a pot to make it as inaccessible as possible to avoid these situations. I ahve plenty of friends that use Monzo, could a feature be set up so that my account is locked until a friend of mine grants access to it?

It would save me heaps of cash.


A time lock would be best, say 12 hours to open or even better user customisable.

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A timelock would be helpful too, sure.

Say you’re saving for a holiday with a friend and you both have pots for this fund, you could prevent each other from accessing each others pots.

Either way, the idea of guaranteed no access is what appeals to me.

The locked pots feature has been discussed at length over here

Basically Monzo made it possible to immediately unlock the pots because support were receiving far too many pot unlock requests which led to huge support queues for all customers.

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That’s fair enough, but there has to be a middle ground where Support aren’t rammed with tickets, which is why I thought getting a friend’s approval would be a nice idea.


What would happen if/when the friends fallout, ‘guaranteed no access’ becomes tricky. Either monzo give you access(which a few days later when your friends again you don’t want), or they say no(how long can a bank deny access to a customers money for, and how would this look ?)

I think your idea would be even worse for support. They were inundated when it was a timer, people know when the timer ends and still want money quicker. What about when you need the money in an emergency at 2am and your pal is asleep? Or their battery has died? Or they are somewhere with no signal? Or you fall out?

I understand you want to stop temptation, but this isn’t a workable idea.

Fair enough, that’s the end of that then hey.

It’s disappointing but sadly true.

If you read the topic you’ll understand why and you’ll see we discuss lots of other options too such as having to watch a video you recorded prior to locking, nominating a friend, time delays and so on…

People just abused it and we saw on here that they did so knowingly too.

Ultimately it’s quite simple; you make an adult decision between wanting to save, and wanting to drink. Why must you bother friends or bank employees to help you make it?


I find a Savings pot with a next business day withdrawal works well


I think another good but none Monzo way to do it is this - Get yourself a savings account elsewhere, preferably one without an app. This way the amount of savings is somewhat out of sight and your less likely to be tempted transfer money out.

I’ve really proud of myself for managing to amass some savings from using a mixture of Monzo features :nerd_face:

Perhaps you could use hidden pots with the below too…

The Monzo savings accounts only release funds the next day. Using one of those instead of a normal pot might prevent you from withdrawing seeing as you won’t be able to access the money immediately, but you’ll still be able to access your money relatively quickly if you need it.

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@moonsignal nsignal This is by far the most helpful response in this thread.

@j06 Not to be rude, but I find your opinionated response completely unhelpful.
I am “adult”, have no issue with saving whatsoever and I implement multiple tactics already, this was merely an idea.
Myself and my social group are outgoing people that enjoy letting our hair down every once in a while so we have the tendency to overspend - my idea caters for that group.
10 gold stars to you for being beyond that.


Personally do think locked pots need to come back in some shape or form.

They were a great idea and to be honest i think there were a few factors that could have been improved upon that led to their downfall:

  • Should have been made clearer in pot creation that LOCKED means LOCKED
  • Should have made it an automated unlock through chat
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In which case it’s not really locked is it? It’s just another hoop to jump through

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