Wishlist to make Monzo perfect

  • Alternate card for grumpy old gits like myself… :smiley:
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How do you get the Pulse Graph?
I don’t seem to have one?:thinking:

You’ve got to have your account for a period of time. Are you a new user?

This is mine, it makes no sense and serves me no purpose.



Just under 2 months so that’s probably why :slight_smile:

I would also love to remove the Pulse Graph… such a waste of space.

As for the rest of my wishes:

  • Lockable pots for a set time period (24/48 hours)
  • Interest on pots overall ( I don’t want interest on one massive pot but on balance of all pots together)
  • Standing Orders prediction on feed (similar to DD as of now)
  • Pot goal tracking (You need to put in x amount each week to meet your goal)
  • Bill Splitting with non Monzo Users
  • FX Rate Calculator in App
  • Custom Pot Images
  • More Categories ( or custom if feeling really generous)
  • Ability to split a transaction into multiple categories
  • Be able to set end date/start date in summary

Pulse graph is pointless to me too. I never look at it, don’t really know how to use it or what benefit it has.


My brain’s built-in ad-blocker removes it from the received image as if it’s an old-school banner ad.

The only time I ever notice is when someone draws my attention to it and I’m always surprised by how much space this pointless feature consumes.

Monzo have previously stated future features will tie into Pulse but they still haven’t materialised after all this time and I can’t even imagine what features could actually make the Pulse useful. I’d prefer to disable it completely.


Pulse Graph serving a purpose in the future = #FakeNews

  1. Emergency cash feature - so I can finally close my Natwest account.

  2. Some kind of credit card so I can ditch the ones I have & ensure the items end up in my feed.

  3. Get the marketplace rolling - should really be main priority now.

  4. Expand into other locales - Euro accounts, USD accounts, …


Totally agree - remove the pulse graph. Serves no purpose.


Auto-pay direct debits from Commited Spending pot.
I have a bills, or committed spending, pot which I put the money in to pay my bills from. Currently I have to transfer the money out of this pot whenever the direct debits are due. It would be awesome if, for this specific pot, Monzo automatically transfers the money from the pot to the main account when the direct debits are due. [linked to…]

Thats a proper must implement feature…

About the only use I have for pots would be to set aside direct debits… Then those DDs come out of main pot anyway…


I think the pulse graph with predicted income and outgoings could be cool - but honestly, I feel like it could go in summary or the features of the ring in summary could apply to the pulse.

I guess I feel we have two super simplistic graphics of data that don’t really say a whole lot - and they take up an obnoxious amount of screen space.

For me the pulse graph serves no purpose. It has no labels of balance etc. An improvement could be to show a zero line and vertical lines or dots when upcoming debits are due. And it shows the same pattern for me every month. A spike on payday, big drop when DDs come out then a steady drop through the month.


I get these when I scroll backwards and forwards in the graph (I’m on iOS if that makes any difference?).

I can get past transactions but nothing in the future on android. My preference is to just scrap it.

I’d love to be able to set Direct Debit’s to come out of pots. For example every month I could move £xx into a 'Bills" pot then all my bills DD’s can come out of that so the money isn’t sitting in my account looking like it can be spent.

Also I never look at the the pulse graph, or the Summary tab because they never make sense


They’re working on your Commited Spending (direct debits, standing orders, recurring online payments) being stuck in a pot and deducted from when needed. :+1:


I agree with removing the pulse graph, or at least having the option to customise whether it is shown. It really serves no purpose for me at all! In general I like to be able to show and hide things I do and don’t use so that the app doesn’t feel cluttered.


I think this is highly sought after feature by a lot of people including myself.

I also think it’s in the pipeline.