Why is this happening to me how can I solve it I’ve tried deleting app and restarting

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Sorry to hear you’ve a problem logging in. Usually that is the result of trying to log in to Monzo using the wrong email. Can you login in to https://web.monzo.com/ with the intended email?

If still having trouble, run through the list of checks/tests here;

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I had a simular message when trying to use Google Pay. Try clearing cache before unistalling and double check the code entering in manually. These are the only things i can suggest but perhaps support would be more use.

If you’re trying to login, rather than create a new account as a first time user, you’re using the wrong email address.

Make sure you’re using the email address you signed up to Monzo with.

The app will only ask you for a phone number on signup. Not on login.

So if this is happening it means you have entered the wrong email address and it’s pushed you into the signup flow. This error happens because the number is already tied to your existing account.


This happens often enough that the sign-up and login flow/wording really needs to be reconsidered.

For example, if I enter the wrong email address the next screen should say “It looks like you’ve never had a Monzo account before. Do you want to sign up?”


There’s already this though?

Although people are notoriously bad at reading things :man_shrugging:

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Is that if you logout and try logging in or if you delete and reinstall the app?

Seems like both. (Android, latest beta). Obviously you need to hit the Log In option rather than the Create Account option.

I mean ideally it should be sending an email rather than an inapp message so as to prevent the harvesting of Monzo linked emails but it’s probably an unnecessary extra step.

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