Why is it so hard to speak to a live agent now?

I get Monzo are on their path to not bleeding cash, but come on - trying to get to talk to a human being is behind so many layers of questions and pointlessness.

In an emergency this just doesn’t sit right with me.

Come on Monzo, don’t give people a reason to start thinking of moving.

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The questions has nothing to do with cash. In theory it should get you to the right person faster. It also jumps you up the queue if it’s an emergency vs someone asking something obvious.

Paying less live agents by trying to stop so many people starting chats = saving money.

It has everything to do with cash.


How do you know there’s less agents?

Hiding chat is cash related. Questions are not.

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When they cut 8% of their workforce probably did it.

For a bank, pushing people to FAQs instead of being able to speak to someone is very traditional bank thinking.

Even Starling have a direct chat button. Monzo are losing their way trying to not haemorrhage money.


People self serving is the modern way.

Monzo let you do both. Answering questions before you talk to someone improves things for everyone.


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Ahhh the classic “fanboy” response because I didn’t agree with everything you said.

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Hey There

Im sorry if you feel its harder to talk to us when you need to especially if its an emergency.

When using the “Help?” section on the bottom right you can find probably 90% of your answers through a self help article which is why some people dont have the “Chat with us” as visible as others.

If you do ever need to chat with us you can always type “Contacting Support” and proceed that way.

Or give us a call.

I think there are also already a number of articles that cover this topic.


I think my comment was because your profile suggests you jump in to defend Monzo when anyone has anything slightly critical to say, even when constructive.

It’s a brand and a bank, not a mate of yours - and customers are free to express when things aren’t quite right.


I criticise Monzo when I think they deserve it.

Hiding the chat is bad.

Asking you a few simple questions that takes seconds isn’t bad.

I hope that opinion is okay with you.


In my experience (Nationwide, Santander) getting to speak to someone is easier at traditional banks than Monzo. So I’d say it’s more very neo bank to push people to FAQs.


The highlighted part is what I have problem with.

Why would the first part of your sentence imply the second part?

Everyone has access to the same questions and Monzo don’t have a crystal ball to guess what people want. So how would the FAQs existence influence whether you see the Chat button or not?

It’s a move I’m still deeply uncomfortable with and would love to know the actual reason behind it. Either have the chat button for all, or for none (except vulnerable customers), but don’t do this opaque approach.


Impassioned posting aside, I don’t think there’s any great disagreement that the chat could/should be more accessible, and that the standard of response is highly variable at best.

It’s a shame because it lets down an otherwise excellent product. It really is time for someone senior at Monzo to get a grip.


Starling, Revolut and Chase seem to do it pretty well though (I appreciate Chase isnt neo bank in the traditional sense).

Not sure why Monzo have taken this poor approach.

Totally agree.

Monzo for me are ahead of competitors but I have a feeling that chasing the black out of the red means is killing what made them unique.

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They’re really busy I believe. Took me 9/10 days to get a response to my query :joy:

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Monzo’s overall approach to support (chat button hide and seek, inconsistent response times and response quality) is why I simply wouldn’t consider them as a product I’d use. Even as a travel card I’ll likely take my Starling or Chase card and :sunshine: will stay in the card collection drawer.

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I’ve been using them as my main bank for a few years now and I’m starting to think it’s time to move. Hell, I was even on the Beta.

But yeah have to say I agree.

Under Tom Bloomfield it was a better product because he literally had no clue how to make money. Under the new leadership, making profit is killing what made it good.

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At risk of derailing the topic I think the product was worse. Everything else was better, but the product took a nosedive. Remember when they wanted you to pay a monthly fee for stickers?

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