Monzo In-App chat with agents is hard to find!

Please will you add a subheading on the ‘help’ page on the app, stating ‘in-app chat’ so it’s easy to message! As i spent two days looking for it!

I only found the option when i typed in ‘support’ And only then the option for ‘customer support’ appears which allows you to select the in-app chat!

Even if i typed in ‘customer support’ it doesn’t bring up the actual customer support page… it brings up other pages instead! Very confusing!

Thankyou :slight_smile:

That’s not going to happen I’m afraid :cry:

Monzo want you to search the help articles first as too many people were skipping these and going direct to chat for most basic of stuff. It wasn’t sustainable so they’ve changed it to be like this now.


I have to say. Just today I needed customer support from TSB, a bank renowned for technical failures and a bog standard app. I was chatting to someone through their website in moments after the self help didn’t address things.

When I first started with Monzo, the ease and speed of chatting to someone was something that set it apart from my bank at the time, it suited me and I thought it was different. Was a strange moment having the roles reversed today.


“contact us” I think is the easiest search term to find it, if you cannot find the answer in the Help articles.

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Actually, ‘Cont’ is the easiest.

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Surely monzo could And should use a chatbot to assist and then hand off to an agent if the right article doesn’t exist. Why they went down the route of hiding the main contact point is beyond me!


Actually you can get there quicker with “Sup”


Update: You can get there in 2 characters with “rt”.

Trying to find a 1 character option for super quick access. Will update.

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:clap: I’m applauding the level of trial going on here, to make accessing chat as super-quick as possible, despite attempts for it to be forgotten.

I’ve been through the special characters and numbers, nothing

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It is a sort of chat bot isn’t it? I’ve only used it once but I’m sure it asked me questions to direct me first.

Yes, I think that came in a few months back.

I’ve been trying to find the right emoji too, so far no luck.

Also a bit of a lost cause because you still have to press the Emoji key first, so that’s not really a shortcut.

I tried a few of the obvious ones :exploding_head::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::frowning::grimacing:

It’s probably going to be tram or something

If anyone wants it though, here’s an iOS shortcut to open chat directly.

Can assign it a Siri action, or an icon on your home screen.

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Completely agree. It is the dumbest move they have made I think. Money is extremely important to people and they need to know they can get hold of their bank if something goes wrong. The fact people are regularly coming here to ask fellow monzo users for help is utterly bizarre.

There are off the shelf chatbots they could possibly use and even if they went down the bespoke route they could get something out pretty quick I would think. All they do is triage stuff, there’s no deep learning going on usually.


Go to help tab, scroll to bottom. It’s not hard to find.

It is if you are in the group of users which has had it taken away - it simply isn’t there anymore!


Here’s a shortcut.

Or we could encourage people to search for what they want first instead of immediately circumventing the procedures put in place. Remember it wasn’t sustainable with people going direct all the time.

I’d hate to see what plan B is as a result.