Who needs payslips?! See your salary in Monzo before it gets paid

(Jolin) #123

This feature also shows upcoming Delay Repay claims coming into my account. Really excellent!

(Chris Rimell) #124

Not sure whether that lucky or unlucky you :wink:

But that’s awesome. I didn’t realise they did them as direct credit rather than faster payments. Hopefully that means my expenses will appear too yay!!

(Jolin) #125

We were comfortable and got to where we needed in the end, just had an added tour of the west coast north of Carlisle, and the Pennines. Resulted in a free journey, so a win overall. :wink:

(Kieran McHugh) #126

The blank feed item issues should now be repaired, let me know if there are any more issues.

(Tim) #127

It’s not quite that simple, there is provision for the Bank which participate in Bacs to prevent submitted and accepted credit/debits from reaching their destinations and I suspect that on that basis any Bank wouldn’t want to adjust your account balance until the date the submitter intended the credit/debit to reach the individual.

(Jai Sullivan) #128

Apologies for the late reply - I’ve been away for a few weeks.

Thanks for the update!

(Tom) #129

This worked for me last month, not working for me now. Should I be worried (pay day tomorrow!).


Have you ever not received your pay before from this employer?

(Tom) #131

Nope, but this is only the second time using Monzo for my salary!

I’m sure its fine, just strange that it worked last month but not this month…


I think it normally shows from about 9am :grinning:


I get paid by BACS into First Direct which also shows pending payments the day befotre. I was working nights on the 26 (payday on 27) and checked around 3.00 am and the notification was already there.


Hmmm, how strange.

I’m sure I saw one of the Monzo peeps mention the 9am thing in the past - That’s also my experience!

I have nothing showing for me yet, but I’m hoping it’ll be there soon :sweat_smile:


Maybe First Direct are slightly different.

(Jai Sullivan) #136

I saw this somewhere too! Not showing for me yet this morning when payday is tomorrow.


Getting the same. Last month monzo told me 3 days in advanced I’d be paid, I get paid tomorrow, got nothing ATM.

(Kieran McHugh) #138

It will show up the working day before at about 9am.


FYI - Mine is showing now :smiley:


Yep… I spoke to soon! Thanks!

Just appeared. I get paid tomorrow, it’s 9.10am.

Is this a recent change? Last month I got the notice about 3 days before saying “In 3 days…”

(Sam H) #141

That was likely because of the bank holiday - you should see your salary in your feed the working day before it arrives.


I actually believe it depends how flirtatious Monzo wants to be.

Sometimes she’s such a tease…

Fine… It is indeed the working day before the payment hits!