Salary In Monzo

This is a really simple question, when you get your salary paid into your Monzo account can you see it in your feed before it clears just like payments that due to go out?

If so how far in advance does it show up?

Yes, you can. It appears the day before (or the Friday before if paid on a Monday) at around 9am, if paid by BACS. You can then request the payment from 4pm the day before using Monzo’s “Get Paid Early” feature.


Thank you so much, this month is the month I move to Monzo I am a bit anxious about it so was hoping it would show up :slight_smile: that means it should be in my feed tomorrow.

Thanks again.

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Sometimes the first one doesn’t appear. Does your employer definitely pay via BACS?

Edit. Just realised you said should appear tomorrow, not paid tomorrow.

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