Salary Advance

Hey, my salary is paid by BACs (as per my payslip) and is due on the last working day. This is my 2nd month of having my salary paid into my monzo account but have never received the early payment notice.

My partner has a 2nd wage paid into our joint account and this displays the early option so I know what I’m looking for.

Am I missing a step I need to do to receive my pay early? I’ve searched but seems I’ve not

When your payment is showing as pending in your feed, click into it after 4pm and there should be an option to let you receive it straight away :slight_smile:

You might get paid by Faster Payments, even if it says otherwise on your payslip.

In which case you won’t be able to get paid early.

Were you able to see the sender’s sort code & account number when your pay came in last month?

I second this.

My wage slip says Bacs but it most definitely isn’t, my Boss pays us via Faster Payments whenever he remembers on Payday(often after some nudges from us)

If I click on the transaction I can see it on the section that says send payment to… (employers name) but otherwise no

Aah been there before with employers. Nightmare - luckily it’s always in by early early am here so there for me waking

Yeah. That’s a Faster Payment then!

Ah, gutted! Thank you… That will make sense then


It’s not too bad in reality, might take some reminding some days but because he doesn’t do it via Bacs, if anyones ever desperate for it early for any reason he’s normally happy to oblige :slight_smile:

Just made me sad when i went #FullMonzo that i couldn’t utilise the Get Paid Early feature, however, I do use that for Child Benefit now instead

you can see the senders account details even when it’s Bacs payments, but only if your using ios device not on android

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Never knew that! Bit of a weird discrepancy.


yeah i never knew that until i recently moved to iphone that i can see the senders account details from bacs because android you can’t see it

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I can see the account details (android) and I know one of my colleagues is able to get paid early. I got paid into my monzo last month and I’m due to be paid tomorrow early hours but I haven’t had a notification yet? Can’t see anything whited out on my summary either? Thanks in advanced

You must have been paid by Faster Payments too. If you’re due to get paid early tomorrow you’d be able to get the money now if it was BACS.

Strange that your colleague isn’t, have they been there longer and maybe still on an older payment system or something?

But I can see their account number and sort code. I’m almost certain everyone in my company gets paid the same way

Yeah. If you can see the account number and sort code, (on Android) it means they must have sent the funds using Faster Payments.

If your colleague can get paid early, they must have been paid via BACS…

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