Where is my CVV?

So I dont have my a/c # or sort code on the physical card, and i dont have the card # or cvv# on the virtual card on the app? So I always need both with me. On my starling app I can see everything. I must be wrong, it can’t be that daft.

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CVV is on the back of the card.

A/C No. and sort code is in the app.


I’d rather the separation was maintained too, to be honest. You might think it daft but it stops losing the card allowing for direct debits to be setup and temporary app access giving someone everything they need for a card payment.

Why would you need the account number and sort code with you at all times?

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That is just my point I need both to operate the a/c. Starling has both in the app, why not Monzo.

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My other old bank a/cs have all the info on the card, and the other new banks have it all on the app This half way house is the worst of both.

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It’s on the way :slight_smile:

Remember that the preview version of the app is not even close to the final design of the current account app.


This appears to highlight the need for the sort code and account number to be prominent (either in the app or on the card). Give that Monzo is an app only bank, the need to make sure that people have the details to hand should be addressed. I wonder if these details could be introduced to the customer on the welcome letter perhaps.

While we are increasingly living in a world where everything is done by a touch of a screen (or soon just looking at it), surely Monzo exists to making banking easier for people now as well as into the future?

Wider discussion about the sort-code and account number issues here: Add Account Number & Sort Code to the Debit Card

It’s pretty prominent already to be honest

Just click card, and it’s right there on screen, you cant miss it!

it does depend if you are on iOS or Android, and what if you don’t have access to the app for whatever reason?


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