Add Account Number & Sort Code to the Debit Card


You will be able to get a nameless card in the future, yes.

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I love the idea of “Share account details” :+1:

(Richard Firth-Godbehere) #92

A couple of things. FIrstly, the cut n’ paste doesn’t always work. It seems pretty temperamental. Secondly, some apps shut down when you move away from them, so in order to cut and paste my details, I have to re-open the other app over and over. Finally, most places as for the sort code as three separate numbers, not one separated by hyphens.

In short, having the numbers on the card is useful in all sorts of situations for which the cut n’ paste isn’t useful.

Also, the security thing is a misnomer. Account details and sort codes are given out so often these days numbers on a card don’t help much. Also, in order to use these people need more details. The trick is to keep passwords etc. up to date and make any special information not obvious.

(Jason) #93

Take the points from both sides.

The security issue keeps being mentioned from the position of the end user however I would prefer the bank not to be tied up having to chase some company for the money that some loser terrorist has used my sortcode and account number to set up a DD for.

Also looked at legacy card and it looks cluttered and some of the text print on reverse isn’t legible.

So for me:

  1. Aesthetics wins out.
  2. Security aspect to reduce company cost.
  3. I find it sad that it has become difficult for our memories to handle an 8 digit number.

(Max Walker) #94

Personally, I like that it doesn’t have them on the front. My name is so long that having them on there would just make it a more cluttered.

(Eve) #95

Personally, I hardly use my account number and that’s why I don’t remember it or my sort code, so having anyone ask me for the details to do a transfer is a huge hassle (manually searching for the card and keying it in into a chat message), but I’ve memorised my 16-digit card number (on 4 different cards) because I’ve had to key it in so often.

Where is my CVV?
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Here’s an interesting article… now I know this won’t apply to most of us here but…

Admit it; the read was worth the chuckle

(Mike) #97

Some interesting comments here.

  1. While I agree that things should look beautiful. Monzo is being built to be practical and useful. I have every faith that the team could address this without compromising on the design of the card/app. Good design is practical too.
  2. I do think that security here is not really an argument. We provide our details so often, and with contactless payments becoming ever popular, we’ constantly “risk” our financial security.
  3. Yes, the way we consume data is changing and we, for the most part, are becoming lazy, perhaps. However, some people generally have difficulties memorising informaiton. Surely, Monzo (and this community) should be embracing the challenge of helping as many people as possible?

( Leigh) #98

I’d like to know why there is no bank account number or sort code printed on the current account card. I realize it is available in the app but am just curious as to why they are not printed.

(Allie) #99

Easier to change if not printed, cuts a (possibly minor, to be fair) security risk, no need. I just wish they’d get rid of the embossing of the PAN and other details.

(Stephen Early) #100

The account number and sort code might not actually be the primary account identifier at Monzo. It’s possible that your account may have multiple sort codes and account numbers associated with it in the future. (Think about it: a sort code / account number combination that can be used to send money to you but can’t be used to set up direct debits could be quite handy! And when the “pots” feature is implemented, having different account numbers to receive money into each pot could also be useful.)

(Hugh) #101

If you mean primary key? It isn’t. Based on the API you have a customer ID and an account ID, so your prepaid and Current Account have different IDs. It remains to be seen whether external accounts will a) be available through the API in some way b) if so in the same account format as Monzo products, or whether they have a separate section

(Zepher Ashe) #102

This is a feature I would like to see, it would make for more convenience. Furthermore, I have had an issue with Royal Mail rejecting a Monzo current account card as ID, a frivolous reason was given, but still a minor annoyance.

(Jolin) #103

Not that’s this helps you, but I’ve used my :monzo: :credit_card: a few times as ID to pick up packages from the ‘local’ Royal Mail sorting office. I have a card with my name on it.

(Allie) #104

What was the reason, out of curiosity?

(Zepher Ashe) #105

As mentioned by jzw95, they haven’t had problems, so this was likely an isolated incident. However, the person picked fault that the card wasn’t by a “real bank”, therefore wouldn’t accept it as ID. :confounded:

(Allie) #106

Did you point out their banking licence?

(Zepher Ashe) #107

No, however this would not have made much of a difference, as this individual took it upon herself to decide this. To clarify this is not an issue directly with Royal Mail, but rather an incident with a particular member of staff, who did not recognise it and hence would not acknowledge the Monzo card as ID.

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