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Add sort code and account number to bank cards like every single other bank does. Only just noticed you don’t do this and it’s annoying that I need to check my phone to get this info when I need it.

Do they?

My Lloyds and Natwest cards don’t have it on them.

I would say this is unlikely as Monzo are making their cards have less info on them, not more.


While I agree I like having them on the card, a few banks don’t do this anymore and I think Monzo have been pretty clear they aren’t going to do it.

My Santander and Nationwide cards do. I think my TSB one did, too.

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Quite a few banks don’t have them on anymore. Santander and Nationwide do, but some other banks don’t.

TSB do yes.

Though I haven’t seen their new cards so they might have removed them.

Oddly enough, I was looking at setting up a direct debit last night, and was about to go upstairs to find my card, when I realised that I didn’t need to.

I doubt that Monzo are suddenly going to start doing this, I suppose you could use a bit of masking tape and write the details on the card while you are waiting for it to be introduced.

Ok, well I don’t know of any banks that don’t have it. There’s already been some listed, HSBC have it and Barclays… there’s a lot of big ones that all have it, seems a silly choice imo. Do you know if they give a reason for this? I’ve looked but can’t can’t one.

Yeah… just an inconvenience is all. I do most stuff on my phone, now I need to open another app to get some into and the rest on my card, when previously it was all just on my card for me. I know it’s not the end of the world but just seems an odd choice to me.

Use a password manager and store these details in there so that they populate automatically.

How often would you say that you need to enter your account number and sort code? Surely if this is at another bank you can save yourself as a payee?

All of this is far easier than trying to convince Monzo to backtrack and go against what everyone else is clearly moving towards. Minimal detail cards are the latest “trend”.


And that would work fanatically if places didn’t ask you for them when setting up payments. I shouldn’t have to have my phone with me to get my account number when it could be on my card. Works for you, great, it’s an inconvenience to me. I’m just gonna make a label and stick it on it.

It won’t happen it’s simple enough to just open the app and check.

Like others have said some other banks don’t either, you’ve 2 choices either move banks or live with it :grinning:

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Which places are asking for your account number and sort code on a regular basis? That’s why I was asking how frequent you’re needing to do this to try and understand how much of an inconvenience it is.

If you’re going to stick a label on though then all is good - problem solved :slight_smile:

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I think Stephen Fry or some other person posted their account details previously telling people to steal his identity. He has had multiple direct debits setup on his account for various charities.

Account number & sort code, are part of automated identity checks via credit reference agencies thus knowing that one would find it less hard to potentially take out products in your name.

When one looses their card it is easier to freeze it and issue a new one, whereas account number change is pain.

Generally it is a privacy feature effectively. Ditto how URLs don’t have bank account details either.

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I believe it was Jeremy Clarkson and he woke up to find direct debit(s) setup on his account :thinking:


It was indeed the Jezza :oncoming_automobile: - original Guardian article included in the Pulse topic below :point_down:


Try and memorise it. The sort code is easy to remember and I find breaking my account number into four pairs of number makes it easy: 12-34-56-78.

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Definitely Mr Clarkson, aye.

It wasn’t just his account details, either:

He also gave instructions on how to find his address on the electoral roll and details about the car he drives.

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My personal Starling card has my account number but no sort code, my joint Starling card has neither account or sort code, it says “JOINT ACCOUNT” where my personal card says the account number.

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My Lloyds has my sort code and account number on it :man_shrugging:t3: