What's the last bit of tech you bought?

I’m not sure I could do that! I only have 1 to 2 coffees a day but I’d miss that morning cup.

That’s pretty much the point of why I sold it. I’m tired of being a slave to caffeine! I needed that morning cup to function and I had real withdrawal symptoms when I didn’t get it.

I’ve given up a few things across the years. The first month is painful but after that it quickly gets easier.

So I might be in the market for a new keyboard for my PC.

Today’s the first morning of WFH in the new house, and my other half has already shut the door to me, and complained about how loud my keyboard is.

They’re MX Reds as well, barely make a noise compared to the MX Blue keyboard I have :confused:

Speaking of keyboards, this arrived yesterday:

Keychron K3 Mechanical Brown


Oooh, that’s nice!

Does look nice but no number pad is only for the brave! (/ non accountants….)


I want one purely because it’s got an orange escape button.


Number pads are useless and ergonomically terrible, in my opinion, as they move your mouse further off centre.

Not having a number pad is a feature, not a bug :slight_smile:

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That’s nice, I’ve been looking out for a decent keyboard that has multi device support, have you used the multi device on it yet? is it seamless and easy?

I used to have this keyboard for a while:

, but had so many extra, redundant keys I could have done without.


I am too.

My Razer Blackwidow Elite keyboard was returned because I was wrongly advised. They stated that if I purchased the UK keycap upgrade (gives you better keys) that I could convert my US keyboard into a UK one.

I didn’t see how it was possible but took their word - everything arrived and it can’t be done at all.

Looking on their website and socials, it seems that many people from the UK complain about the range and their options being very limited for UK layouts. Currently everything is out of stock too so I’m exploring other brands.

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Is that things like the ANSI to ISO sized keys (i.e. physical restriction?) or the mapping of keys from UK to US? (like " and @)?

For my next one, I;m probably going to get one compatible with QMK, seems to be the best way to customise, get macros and layers etc.

Here are the differences. The biggest thing is around the enter key. Ours is larger and the two smaller ones are to the side.

The plan was to swap the keys and change the language on the computer but as you can see, I fell at the first hurdle.

As an accountant, it’s super annoying how limited the choice of high quality keyboards with number pads is.

If you have to type numbers a lot, it’s a very definite bug. I can touch-type ISBN13s in moments with a numberpad; without, it takes a lot longer and I have to look at the keyboard to find the right numbers across the top.

That said, on another one of my PCs I have a numberpadless keyboard because it’s on a desk with limited space, so I can understand why people would do without one sometimes. But they’re not useless!


@ravipatel @HoldenCarver You are both completely correct. If you’re working with numbers a lot, a number pad is essential. For my workload though, useless.

Ravi, have you considered an external number pad? That might open up your choices for keyboards a lot wider.


I keep umming and ahhing over getting one - I hear that this one is “good” for the price:


At one point I planned to build my own but didn’t finish. This at least allows a bit more flexibility if you’re looking for anything “10 keyless” and smaller.

That is bonkers. Unsure of the thought process behind making the space bar smaller to cram in extra keys. Would take a lot of getting used to!

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I got a Vecnos IQUI - mostly as a curiosity as it’s the first consumer quad-lens 360° camera

Not used multi-device pairing extensively, other than to test it was working. This will be used wired most of the time.

When testing, it seemed easy enough - Fn key + 1/2/3 to pair to the appropriate device. Was a little slower connecting to devices than my previous Apple Magic Keyboard, but we’re talking 4 seconds vs. 3 seconds, so not massive.