My favourite apps of 2018 - what were yours?

Hi all,

Just wrote my yearly apps of 2018 post on my site, you can check it out here:

Just wondering what your favourite/most used app of this year was?

Checked the rules and couldn’t find anything about self promotion - if this is breaking rules, I apologise!

Hope you had a great holiday, and thanks!


Great article.

Have to agree with you on the Anker Soundbuds Slim - I have those and the Slim+ which support aptx audio and both are great - I’d go mad if I didn’t have my Anker earphones at work :joy:

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Thanks, glad you like it! The Anker earphones just amazing me, such good value.

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I backed and subsequently use Ankers sister brand Zolo Liberty (I have the + version). Very good earbuds.

I’ve heard of Zolo, but never tried them. Haven’t they rebranded/merged with Anker?


Anker created a number of sister brands this year - audio now goes under the Soundcore brand.

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Back to the topic. my most used app would have been Spotify, closely followed by Monzo of course!

Also WhatsApp and the Guardian app as well. I’ve just installed IFTTT so will see what I can do with that.

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Interesting read, and I’ll be trying some of your choices I’ve not heard of before.

I do find I object to the inclusion of Manga Rock, though. Unless they’ve changed dramatically since I last came across them, they fall foul of copyright law by using scanlations. I prefer to use a legal option like Comixology, Crunchyroll, or Humble Bundles.

Definitely going to try out the Proton VPN you recommend, though. That looks very useful.

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I did not know this - should I remove it?


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I think so; I had a quick look at the site again and it looks like they’re still using unlicensed scanlations.

Okay, I will do so. Thanks!

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Great recommendations!!

I used to really like Reeder and have been using Feedly for ages now, but I’ll definitely look into Lire. Although expensive, full text RSS feeds look cool.

Thanks, I learned something new today.

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I used to be a Reeder user, however it didn’t receive many updates and I wanted full text extraction. I use Inoreader because of the stats and I just prefer it over Feedly, which I used before.

In addition to this, I found that Feedly was a little too expensive, and locked some things behind paywalls - I also wasn’t a fan of the interface.

Thanks, glad you enjoyed the post!