What's the last bit of hardware you've had die? 🖥

(Marcus Nailor) #1

Like the title asks, what’s the last bit of hardware that’s failed on you? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Can be anything, not just limited to PC hardware :smiley:

For me it’s an OCZ Vector 150 - 480GB SSD! :angry: In a work context I’ve seen about a million and OCZ SSD failures… :roll_eyes: But one just failed in my work PC! Looks like it’s time to jump onto the RMA team with yet another request for a replacement. Yay :joy:

There’s a long list of unfortunate failures but that was the most recent! Would be interesting to hear failure stories from everybody else :smiley:


My phone screen, it just cracked all by itself, didn’t drop it, honestly!

(Jorge) #3

MacBook Pro 2016 but I luckily got it replaced :stuck_out_tongue:

(Change Works) #4

A cat scarer. I’m not sure if it ever worked, but it’s completely FUBAR now.

(Kevyn) #5

My computers motherboard. Kept shutting off randomly, which I thought was the graphics card, then it just failed to boot. Used it as an excuse to upgrade my CPU.

(Dan) #6

Haha I’m not sure whether there’s sarcasm there or not, did you actually drop it? :joy:

(Graham - Mental health professional) #7

Oh, I’ve seen them. They’re the “possessed of evil spirits” type-screens.


It can stay cracked until I replace with a note9 next month !

Or wait for pixel 3 xl

(Graham - Mental health professional) #9

You must let us know if it suddenly becomes uncracked. It just seems like you’ve no real control over this thing…:flushed:


It’s android Samsung so will self destruct the screen or battery :wink:

(Jack) #11

The last bit of tech I had break was probably my old Fitbit Charge HR. It just started falling apart. I was on my 2nd replacement under warranty.

I think it was a known issue with the bands, although they refused to acknowledge it as an issue.

(James Amey) #12

My new monitor from Amazon has unfortunately developed a small, but annoying mark behind the screen.

Because it was a prime day purchase, they’re out of stock. So I have to RMA it through Acer :roll_eyes:. I’ve opened the ticket but I’m giving Amazon a few weeks to get more stock before going through the faff.

(Adam Williams) #13

Would they not give you a refund - or were you attached to that particular model?

(Dan) #14

I imagine they would - but it’s Prime day prices. Refund and rebuy will be more expensive

(James Amey) #15

Yep, what @danbeddows said, the price to rebuy elsewhere would be £100-200 more.

(Adam Williams) #16

Fair enough, hopefully it’s not a widespread issue!

(James Amey) #17

It’s not, it’s just an annoyance! :joy:

(Stephen Early) #18

3TB HDD, four years old. Currently trying to scrape the data off it! Everything important is backed up, so it’s just an inconvenience, but having to re-rip the CD collection would be annoying!