What's the last bit of hardware you've had die? 🖥

Like the title asks, what’s the last bit of hardware that’s failed on you? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Can be anything, not just limited to PC hardware :smiley:

For me it’s an OCZ Vector 150 - 480GB SSD! :angry: In a work context I’ve seen about a million and OCZ SSD failures… :roll_eyes: But one just failed in my work PC! Looks like it’s time to jump onto the RMA team with yet another request for a replacement. Yay :joy:

There’s a long list of unfortunate failures but that was the most recent! Would be interesting to hear failure stories from everybody else :smiley:


My phone screen, it just cracked all by itself, didn’t drop it, honestly!


MacBook Pro 2016 but I luckily got it replaced :stuck_out_tongue:

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A cat scarer. I’m not sure if it ever worked, but it’s completely FUBAR now.

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My computers motherboard. Kept shutting off randomly, which I thought was the graphics card, then it just failed to boot. Used it as an excuse to upgrade my CPU.


Haha I’m not sure whether there’s sarcasm there or not, did you actually drop it? :joy:

Oh, I’ve seen them. They’re the “possessed of evil spirits” type-screens.

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It can stay cracked until I replace with a note9 next month !

Or wait for pixel 3 xl

You must let us know if it suddenly becomes uncracked. It just seems like you’ve no real control over this thing…:flushed:


It’s android Samsung so will self destruct the screen or battery :wink:

The last bit of tech I had break was probably my old Fitbit Charge HR. It just started falling apart. I was on my 2nd replacement under warranty.

I think it was a known issue with the bands, although they refused to acknowledge it as an issue.

My new monitor from Amazon has unfortunately developed a small, but annoying mark behind the screen.

Because it was a prime day purchase, they’re out of stock. So I have to RMA it through Acer :roll_eyes:. I’ve opened the ticket but I’m giving Amazon a few weeks to get more stock before going through the faff.

Would they not give you a refund - or were you attached to that particular model?

I imagine they would - but it’s Prime day prices. Refund and rebuy will be more expensive


Yep, what @danbeddows said, the price to rebuy elsewhere would be £100-200 more.

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Fair enough, hopefully it’s not a widespread issue!

It’s not, it’s just an annoyance! :joy:

3TB HDD, four years old. Currently trying to scrape the data off it! Everything important is backed up, so it’s just an inconvenience, but having to re-rip the CD collection would be annoying!