What earphones or headphones are you using?

I’m usually more of a headphones guy. Got some nice AKG’s that I usually take with me when I’m out and about.

However, sometimes you need something a bit more discreet, or something you can wear easily in bed or on a plane.

I’m also a huge fan of Google Assistant, so it was a no-brainer… I picked up some Pixel Buds!

Very impressed so far. Super comfortable, set up is a breeze, and it’s very useful having Assistant available with two taps on the right bud.


What do you all use at the moment?


I use a few different head/ear phones but the current ones are.


Not sure why one has a proper link and one doesn’t. Meh never mind.

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Earphones are great for portable use but they can’t compare on the low end that headphones generally excel in. It all depends on whatever you like your sound inside of your head (earphones) or slightly outside of your head (headphones).

I had a pair of jaybird x’s which were junk. Constantly turned off, dropped bluetooth, weren’t very loud. I had to pay to get a replacement pair sent from the US and these were exactly the same, and they wanted me to pay to get another pair sent. Also needed to buy comply foam tips (although they supply as standard now). The fins were a bit of a messing about too as there were two ways to set them depending on how you wanted the wire to fit.

Swapped to some cheapo kitsound outrun as a temporary ones but these were equally as bad (but no worse then jaybird).

Eventually swapped for powerbeats 3 (and not a massive fan of beats stuff in general) but they’ve been great. Last ages, quick charge if you need it, pretty comfy and stay in place. They look uglier though.

AirPods. The user experience is just amazing, you almost forget they’re using Bluetooth under the hood. No pairing what so ever (they’re using iCloud to sync the pairing keys automatically across devices), charging is easy and battery life is the best I’ve seen for wireless earphones.

Granted, this doesn’t rival a good pair of cans in terms of sound quality, but I pretty much only listen so Spotify at the moment so it’s alright.

Getting a good audio setup (DAC & proper headphones) and redownloading my music collection in lossless format is on my (very long :joy:) todo list.


Swapped to some cheapo kitsound outrun as a temporary ones but these were equally as bad (but no worse then jaybird).

Oh no, the horror. They were my first attempt at wireless earphones and turned out to be an absolute nightmare, battery life was awful and the overall experience was bad, way below the promised 5 hours.

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Apple AirPods. I got them when they first came out and never looked back. They’re so convenient for commuting and work really well.

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The Pixel Buds must operate in a similar way, as I’ve not had to pair them. Just one tap setup the first time I took them out of the charge case.

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Considering getting some AirPods myself


Got some Bose Soundlink II wireless over ear headphones which have served me amazingly for the past 2 years but still feel like buying some airpods for some reason :sweat_smile:

AirPods are in my ears roughly 70% of the time I’m awake.

I also have a pair of RHA T20i and a pair of BeatsX (I got them free with my iPhone - they’re decent actually).

I really want to pick up some Bose QC35ii as well :thinking:


Currently rocking some Beats Studio 3 Wireless. Beats aren’t my first choice of headphone brand, but was given them for free and I have to say… i’m quite liking them! Very comfortable to wear and the noise cancellation works very well!

Otherwise just use the free headphones apple chuck in the iphone box when I need something a bit more discreet (also have Bowers and wilkins P3’s in the office if I forget my beats)

I’ve got (in my laptop bag), the in-ear wired white Samsung branded headphones which came with my Samsung Galaxy (I’ve moved on two phones since), a very cheap (£3 including shipping) no-name Bluetooth in-ear headset I got from Wish (pretty good for the price to be honest: battery lasts about 4-5 hours and quality is okay, not brilliant, but okay for most background listening) and on my desktop PC, I’ve got an over-ear ASUS Cerberus Gaming Headset.

I currently use some in-ear Taotronics tt-bh07 (rolls off the tongue) that I got off Amazon around about 2 years ago. I picked them up for roughly £20 as a pair of water resistant gym headphones but they have slowly but surely become my go-to for day to day use. The sound quality is pretty good and the battery lasts me for my walk to work, 1 hour 30 mins in the gym and my walk home. I haven’t had any problems with them. Would definitely recommend!

Do it, I own Airpods and a pair of QC35’s, the first version, and they are great for when its noisy such as on trains and buses. The sound quality is honestly not miles better than airpods when its quiet but when there is background noise its worlds better. They don’t sound as good as the Sony MX-1000wh2 (sound also disappointing) but they are so much more comfortable.

I’m still a headphone jack person and always end up reaching out for my Shure 215. No noise cancellation but I work in a noisy office and it does the job and the sound from it great.

Beats X live around my neck! Love them, only downside is I can’t get them to stay in without the wing tips.

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I love my Beats X.

I used the wingtips when I first got them, but then lost one when I was trying different sized ear tips. They stayed in, but would occasionally not be quite right and need adjusted, and I definitely couldn’t wear them while working out, which was one of the main reasons I bought them. Only recently I opened the box they came in and realised there’s a second set of wing tips in there :roll_eyes: Really wish I’d noticed this months back. now I can wear them to the gym again, hurrah!

I want a pair of larger over-ear headphones too and can’t decide which to get. At work I really hate open plan offices and while the Beats X are pretty good at blocking out noise, I want to be able to fully distract myself, and make it clear to people around me I’m busy :wink:

  • Bose QC35s for proper listening and travel (they’ve changed my life)
  • JBL Reflect Mini 2 for running
  • JBL E15 when I need a small set and can’t be bothered to carry the QC35s

Speaking of headphones…