What's the first video game you ever played?

(Dan) #61

I was late in getting a PS back in the old days and was never really interested in consoles or gaming, but this game was so revolutionary and the guy in Woolworths recommended this game to me, never looked back and I still play it today both on the same PlayStation I bought all those years ago and on the iOS app.

(Paul) #62

Transformers for Spectrum ZX. I was obsessed with it

(Tony Hoyle) #63

I remember playing this and thinking it would be great if you had a gun to shoot the monster… if only I’d actually followed through with that idea I could have beaten Wolfenstein 3D by 10 years. :cry:


Doom of course! Great game!

I was always falling off ledges in that game…arghhh!

(Mark Edmonds) #65

I think it was Fiendish Freddie on the Commodore 64. My mum had a C64 on the house with the cartridge collection. Also where I learnt BASIC!

(Simon B) #66

Had this one for about a decade!

And I actually still have my original VHS copy of Moonwalker from 1989!

(Phil) #67

STILL one of my favourite movies!

(Simon B) #68

There’s some public screenings happening in August in both Birmingham and London!

I’ll be at the Birmingham one for sure… Maybe the London one too since that’s on MJ’s birthday.


(Simon B) #69


(Phil) #70

I’m going to this so hard!

(Brian Hunter) #71

Talk about a blast from the past! I forgot all about that game. Played it a ton!

(Campbell Prosser) #72

Oh wow! I’m not surprised you’ve got it already :sweat_smile: It looks way slicker without borders!

(Matthew Wolffsohn) #73

The first Portal game. I played other small ones before that, but that was the first major one.


Not sure what the first game actually was, but the first one I remember was Super Mario Bros on the NES.


Leisure Suit Larry - Revenge of the lounge lizards