I have never... (tech themed)


This thread might go as slow as 28.8kbit dial up or even be sent to the board history book as quick as a floppy disk but let’s see.

Share some tech related I have never “confessions”

Some examples :
I have never heard the tune of a dial up connection
I have never used a 5 1/4 inch floppy disk
I have never been affected by the millennium bug.

(Jorge) #2

I have never used MS-DOS.

Grew up with a W95 :stuck_out_tongue:

(Andy) #3

I have never used a Betamax video
I have never used a ZX Spectrum


I have never managed to loose/pop a key from my keyboard. :stuck_out_tongue: (Still fail to understand how it’s possible.)

(Michael) #5

Children make it possible, my son could strip a whole keyboard in 10 minutes if you gave him the chance :frowning_face: takes over an hour to put them all back!

I have never used a BBC Micro


Ive never used or even held any Apple product apart from an iPhone

(Caspar Aremi) #7

I have never owned a games console.


Thats pretty amazing!

I have never used a blackberry.

(Andy) #9

Oh +1 to that as well!

(Valeri) #10

I’ve never had a Palm Pre (though I really wanted one).


I have never used a…


No way! How is that possible?

(Jack) #13


(Jorge) #15

Haha I’m basically a wee boy


If monzo would of been made in ms-dos:

(Richard) #17

I have never owned a smart watch (yet)…

(Jack) #18

My gran use to have one of these, maybe still does? When I was little I found it so fascinating for some reason.

(Jack) #19

I have never owned a games console before an ps2

(Matt) #20

I have never enjoyed playing old classic games, e.g. snes and the like.

After playing new games and their much more fluid gameplay going back and playing old games is like trying to drive a car with no tires and your exhaust hanging on the floor.


I love retro games, I can actually complete them. They’re too real now and I end up loosing even on easy mode :stuck_out_tongue:
Plus I miss cheat code mags ha