What's the first video game you ever played?

(Campbell Prosser) #1

I recently found a Sega Mega Drive at my grandparents house and was shocked to find that it still worked :heart_eyes:

The nostalgia rolled in and I started thinking about the earliest memory I have of playing a video game. I’m almost certain it was ToeJam and Earl.

Now I’m curious if anyone else remembers the first video game they ever played?



Name it !!


Duke Nukem?

(Campbell Prosser) #4

Ah you’ve stumped me :see_no_evil: Can I get a clue? What console?

(Jorge) #5

Wolfestein for sega genesis. Ez


MS-DOS ha ha …


Probably this :grin:


It was Doom btw :slight_smile:

(Jorge) #9

Wow they look very similar in the early stages. You fooled me :stuck_out_tongue:

(Campbell Prosser) #10

I’ll be honest I did google image search it… but I didn’t want to spoil the surprise for anyone else :sweat_smile:


I think all FPS looked similar back then !!

(Jorge) #12

This is mine. Guess I’m not too old :stuck_out_tongue:


Hover Race?

(Campbell Prosser) #14

Or Hoover race?


That game sucks

(Jon Crozier) #16

At home, it was this on my Amstrad CPC 464 :space_invader::


Anyone else remember it or am I old now…:weary:


(Kevyn) #17

I had a love/hate relationship with this game. May have been because I only had 2 games so I had to come back to it.


I have that tune in my head now! Hours wasted on that

(Andre Borie) #19

Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Replayed it countless times since then! :heart:

On PC it would be Beyond Good & Evil, a lovely game a friend introduced me to. Back then the only computer in the house was a really underpowered laptop so I was pestering my parents to get a new one for months just so I could finally play it!

(Simmy) #20