What to do about chargeback

So I made a sale on sphock and the guy asked for my account number and sort code , I refused as I don’t know him. He was short on when he came to collect the Xbox. He asked if I had a monzo account and I said yes thinking nothing of it ( lot of young people my age seem to have one these days) . Gave him my monzo.me and bang amount was in my account in mins. Great , save me wasting time . Fast forward 3 days and he’s messaged me to say the Xbox is not longer working and he is going to do a charge back on the rest of the money he sent to my monzo me. I asked him to bring the back the Xbox and I will refund him but he refuses. So if he does make a chargeback for that money. What will happen to me and my account.?

I think you have a chance to respond to his charge back claim. Sounds like a right chancer since he won’t return it

But as you’re not a business I’m not sure how that works

Surely the chargeback would be rejected on the basis second hand goods fall under “buyer beware”? I’d drop Monzo a line to let them know. They can probably refuse the chargeback (but I’m no expert)

Monzo.me isn’t a credit card so not sure a chargeback even makes sense in that case, it’s closer to a bank transfer (which can’t be reversed normally).

He’s just trying it on though… if it isn’t working why doesn’t he want to give it back?

Worth reporting him to Shpock


Isn’t a chargeback a buyer getting MasterCard to reverse a merchant’s charge on the basis that the merchant failed to comply with a sale agreement and was unable or unwilling to resolve the buyer’s complaint?

Receiving a Monzo me doesn’t make you a merchant and also they have not given you a chance to resolve the issue. No way that would succeed imho.

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Unfortunately Shpock + Monzo.Me doesn’t give the same protection as eBay + PayPal…

In the US there’s loads of scams involving Venmo. It basically has the same protection as sending your mate some money ie. none.

Private sales are kinda odd. As long as you don’t misrepresent the item, such as saying it’s a ‘fully working console’ when it doesn’t turn on - it’s pretty much sold as seen. At least that’s how I’ve always understood it.

Kinda why you shouldn’t buy second hand electronics through private sales unless you trust them.

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Even if you sell it as fully working, and the buyer tests it and it works but breaks 5 mins after using it - doesn’t that still fall under “caveat emptor”. Unless of course you give some kind of warranty? I’d be inclined to sit this one out - let Monzo and Shpock know and let them deal with it. I can’t see it going through.

Even if you sold it to CEX/Game - it’s down to them to test it. If it breaks later on it’s on them.

Shpock is just an online bootsale app. If you bought a console at boot sale and it turned out to be duff - then it’s tough luck! Hopefully common sense prevails on this one.

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Pretty much, yep. It’s one of those things that is pretty much impossible to prove - especially with electronic stuff.

What I was thinking but he gone silent now. Been reading up on chargebacks and see he can claim it wasn’t him, That’s what got me kind of worried as it could then be seen as fraud and I use my monzo often for travel :confused:

Sounds like fraud, but not by you :wink:

Thank you I’m going to message the in app support on monzo now.

Does Monzo.me ask for 3D security? If he’s supplied the CVV and gone through verified by visa (or equivalent) then he’d have a hard time proving this. Plus, Monzo.me is just sending money to friends/family - you’re not a merchant.

Keep us posted though - as it would be interesting to know how this pans out.


1st it was he was going to get it fixed and then he was out the area and now he gone silent. No message of a chargeback yet from monzo so maybe I’m worried about nothing.

I wouldnt worry. :slightly_smiling_face: Fire off an in-app chat to Monzo and let them know what’s up. A response from them will probably reassure you.

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Slightly off topic: is this why bank transfer fraud is incredibly difficult to claim back?

Think it’s because they quickly move it through multiple accounts and out of the U.K. rather than keeping it in the account it was transferred to

Yes, because essentially there’s no link to a transaction (like a receipt). Technically I could pay £100 to you because I borrowed £100 off you, then tell my bank the Xbox you sold me didn’t work! It’s as good as paying cash.


I understand that the Chargeback mechanism can only be used for card payments (and not bank transfers).

My understanding is that there is no buyer/seller protection in this circumstance. His conversation with his bank will probably end with them bank saying they can’t do anything to get the money back as it was a bank transfer.

If he is unwilling to return the Xbox then that’s his problem, you’ve done what you need to do to resolve the matter. I wouldn’t worry but it’s also worth dropping a message to the Monzo team as a heads up.