Monzo Chargeback - 2 months later and NOTHING

I made a purchase on my Monzo Card via Paypal back in August. It turned out to be a total scam, and I’m presently $220 down because of it. The purchase was not covered by Paypal’s Buyer protection policies because the item was electronic delivery “intangible assets” as Paypal calls them.

Paypal told me that I could still get my Money back, but I would need to issue a chargeback via my Bank; they’ve said that the money is on hold waiting for this, and its not the first time they did it with this seller. I asked Monzo to do this and they said they requested a chargeback and that it would take up to 8 weeks.

I called Paypal after 4 weeks to make sure it was in-progress, but they had no chargeback case opened; nothing received from Monzo. So got back to Monzo, and got told the same line; it will take up to 8 weeks.

I called Paypal again yesterday (8 weeks since chargeback apparently requested) they still have no record of the chargeback request. Nothing is being done and I’m still without my refund that Paypal are ready and waiting to provide me…

Monzo are not responding to my support chat thread on the subject.

Natwest would have had the money back in my account as soon as the chargeback claim was started. Not only have Monzo left me out of pocket it looks like they’ve actually not done anything.

What has gone wrong? When will I get my money back? Clearly Monzo cannot be trusted to protect its customers cash from fraudsters.

Sounds awful, you should E-Mail or call them (number on card) as we can not do anything as we are just users


When did you message via in-app chat? They aren’t ignoring you, they are just busy. You can mark your message as urgent for a quicker response.


How can I mark a message as urgent? I can’t figure out how to do it?

I tried doing a chargeback with Santander before, purchased something through PayPal but taken directly from my bank and the seller just didn’t send the item and the customer helpline basically said they couldn’t do anything about it since it was a debit card :thinking: don’t know how true that was but is the chargeback process guaranteed to be ruled in our favour?

Sounds like you have a pretty good chance of getting it back if this has been flagged up before. I’d try to reach out to Monzo again and mark it as urgent, hopefully now that it’s been posted on the forum they’ll take note of it.

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On android I have this switch below :point_down:

On iOS it’s when you start a new conversation

@Anarchist @krr13 Nope I don’t have that option. My app was updated a couple of days ago. Guess they must be selective about who gets priority support?

Maybe you are on the new system and I’m not (or vice versa)? It’s always been there for me.

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Strange. I’m on the new chat I think… I can’t see my previous chats which makes me think I’ve been switched.

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usually digital contents are hard to get refund for because it can be hard to prove you didn’t get what you bought, I’ve learned that the hard way a few years ago when I bought digital code to £20 through PayPal, didn’t received anything and couldn’t get money back through PayPal because it’s a digital content and had no luck with the bank either

hello @reach4thelasers, I’m sorry about this - but we would have raised the dispute with Mastercard and not PayPal. That might be why they’re unable to see anything.

I’ll DM you for your email address so I can take a look at where we are with this.


There seems to be a bit of a pattern with this on the Monzo community.
Two months, you are lucky, mine is going on a year now.
Funny thing about my situation is the vendor in question will not provide my funds back until I provide proof of address such as a bank statement(wait for the funny part) I have sent them my latest bank statement from my Monzo account and their reply was, and I quote “ we cannot accept your proof address for verification. We require a bank statement from a ‘Proper Bank’ not a mobile online bank”

That is the reason I have been provided from the vendor after sending them my passport, driving licence, utility bill and now bank statement, yet Monzo still refuse to use the authority that they have under specific rules to return my money from the vendor, MasterCard rules regarding chargebacks clearly cover this kind of situation which I am aware of, again, Monzo don’t provide the support needed/expected or that ethically should be provided.

Good luck with yours, don’t hold your breath though.

Who’s the vendor?

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You will find the bank statement isn’t acceptable as it’s an online statement.

Proof of address as per HMRC guidelines has to be a posted statement not a downloaded one.

I know this because I am the money laundering officer for my company and therefore understand the rules


Monzo can sort this though right? I’ve read somewhere they can generate an official statement.

Well I would imagine so if requested.

They can send a stamped statement, I believe. Best contact them through in app chat or

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Thank you all for your responses, amazing the concern and support provided by the Monzo community, I wish that support from the bank was as efficient and supportive.

@StuartK appreaciate your knowledge and would accept that as a valid responce from the vendor or Monzo, if that were the case I would have simply requested/or expected Monzo to make me aware of this when the issue was raised nearly a year ago now. That being said, (not that you can change this) surely if we are moving with the times and technology progresses this needs to be recognised, i now don’t use a high street bank and even when I did I haven’t received bank statements via snail mail for about 8 years. I don’t get any utility bills through the post, council tax bills, phone bills or any other dragonious method of delivery to prove my address details(not within 3 months anyhow, February I will receive my council tax ransom/bill for the year)

And that being said, I can provide my bank statements downloaded in a much more secure way than being posted and passed through numerous hands before potentially being received by me (only use Starling & Monzo) to get £x00,000 mortgage or to provide documents needed for a DBS check but for address verification for a (again wait for it as this makes another mockery) an Online only vendor, no physical footprint of stores anywhere.

Now surely that is ironic?

I shouldn’t even be waisting mine, the people reading this, or more importantly Monzo customer support staffs time. Chargeback is a process recognised by Visa and MasterCard to provide support and assurance that the consumer has an opportunity to right any wrong doing by any individual or company that denies access/responsibility/failure to provide the services that were paid for in good faith prior to receiving said services.

Monzo will not lose out in terms of momentary value, that being said they are unlikely to lose brand, custom, confidence or face by not supporting the ones that are backing them to make a difference but they should really follow through with what they apparently stand for… banking with a difference and personal touch.

I can tell you now that NatWest, HSBC, Santander, Barclays, Metro, Nationwide, Lloyds any legacy bank would have supported their customer first them looked to recover funds from the vendor.

Maybe challenger banks aren’t the way to go, all these features, bells and whistles don’t actually matter if they aren’t prepared to provide the support that we as customers expect from our banks.

I might be one of only a few to experience this, although there are many other posts saying the same thing, maybe it’s due to not actually knowing the process or rules to support, maybe it’s just too much hassle to support customers when they have so much code to write, maybe it’s just because they actually don’t care about doing the right thing by the customer regardless.

Maybe challenger/high street/online banks are actually all the same as the banking mongruls all have made out about retail bankers

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I havnt had to use monzo customer service with an issue yet. If I do and it is problematic I can guarantee I’ll be switching there and then as I havnt the time to mess about.

In terms of requirements for posted statements etc. Is it archaic. Absolutely I agree.

Welcome to the archaic world of HMRC.