Has anyone had to do a chargeback with a payment made using Mondo?

I contacted Mondo support, asking what I needed to do one, my ‘request’ got transferred to the ‘chargeback team’ and it’s now been 3+ weeks and I haven’t heard anything back. This was a £800 transaction, so I am out of pocket for quite a bit now.

This has happened before with a few other requests, where I get an initially get a reply, and then I have to ask for an update a week later because it seems to be ‘lost’ somewhere in the pipe.

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Hey @bhavicp, if you haven’t heard heard anything please feel free to message us again! We normally reply within a few minutes and should have most issues solved within a day or two—the beta does mean that sometimes this doesn’t always work perfectly so don’t worry about prodding us :slight_smile:

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Ah yeah that is quite common/easy with Intercom unfortunately.