After being scammed 3 months ago before xmas, i lost out a total of £75.

This was a payment made via paypal from my monzo account and i never recieved the good i purchased.

Now Monzo are saying they wont refund it because the payment came out my account with no fraud activity etc, and paypal wont take responsibility and close the fake account.

I’m closing my monzo account, and urging EVERYONE to not rely on them. My family and friends are now switching back to there everyday banks, where they can actually help you. Monzo are nothing but a complete time waste. They assured me they will get my money back, but wont take it any further with mastercard. I was scammed for £75, using the Paypal service, I should be under protection BUT NO now they have it as a option you must select. This is sneaky, I thought paypal has it set by default but clearly not. DONT USE MONZO!

So because PayPal have an option that you have to select, Monzo cannot issue a chargeback, is that correct? I can’t see that it’s Monzo to blame here, surely it’s on PayPal?

(I don’t use PayPal so don’t understand the specifics here, just going off the detail provided)


Fair enough. I’m sorry to hear of your problems, but just so you are aware, Monzo are FSCS regulated.


Sounds like a good reason to avoid PayPal.


Hi Luke,

If Paypal aren’t willing to uphold this, I can’t see any other bank doing so either. It sucks you were scammed, for sure. Was it buy an online business? Or an individual? Have they indicated anything to you?

Monzo will only see a PayPal activity, they can’t tell if it’s fradulent or not. PayPal could, if they investigate it, possibly find evidence of fraud, but even then if you didn’t receive the goods it will boil down to your word against the vendor.

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This is the thing, no one wants to accept responsibility. Now end of the day, I made transaction, I made the payment and I am responsible for my account. But when scams happen, and people are using platforms such as paypal to do it, who is to blame? I sent money to a persons paypal email, which funds were taken from my monzo. But paypal say its outside of there reach but the service i used was with them. Also, even if Monzo is FSCS regulated, they lack care for the customers and consumers who rely on them.

The vendor closed their account. Paypal tried to contact the seller but no reply, no response. Messages I had were deleted from the scammer so I couldn’t back my case an provide evidence. This was from the FB market place and the user is no longer available.

I’m no payments or legal expert, but I’d say that the primary responsibility for this lies with the (alleged) scammer. PayPal facilitated it by taking your money and passing it on. I think Monzo are quite far down the list as regards responsibility.


I just don’t get why i am being sent to and from the pair. Monzo tell me its paypals issue, paypal tell me its monzo issue. Where do I go from here?

I’m unable to offer any advice, other than to learn not to use PayPal on FB Marketplace to buy stuff.

It’s not something I would have done anyway, but I’m glad you’ve come here and laid out one of the inherent dangers for others. :+1:


I confess I’m still confused about this option you should have selected. Can anyone shed any light?

Buyers Protection something like that, you select it before making a payment through paypal to secure your money if it went wrong. They had it as a default feature built into the service, now you must select it yourself which I know for a fact im not the first NOR last to have this happen to.

Ah, thank you. I’ll go have a read up on it now.

Guessing that PayPal are sending you to Monzo as they can’t do anything if the vendor has closed their account.

Monzo are sending you to PayPal cos they aren’t responsible for this, PayPal are.

Of the two, PayPal are being the most disingenuous IMO as they SHOULD still have details for the vendors account. What have their fraud department said exactly?


Yes, it is an optional setting as PayPal can be used for a personal payment (i.e. sending money to a friend) which would be done without the recipient incurring a fee or can be used for a business payment (i.e. paying for goods or services, which incurs a fee for the seller and allows buyer protection for the purchaser).


They just keep saying it’s out of paypals reach and that I can only contact my bank itself. But if the scammer used PayPal to facilitate the transaction, then paypal need to be responsible for allowing scammers to use there service. IMO they should only allow a paypal account to be made once they verify WHO they are using 2FA or something similar


This is 100% why I don’t use PayPal.


I’m afraid in this instance, as @iDan84 writes above, the type of receipt you chose to pay was friend/family.

PayPal relinquishes all responsibility for fraud when you select friend/family, as they don’t charge any fees (and therefore cannot afford to refund fraudulent payments) & there shouldn’t be a need to get PayPal involved in a dispute because you know the recipient personally.

Choosing to pay a business/for an item incurs fees to use the PayPal platform, and gives you the protection, which is effectively insurance in this instance.

I just tested trying to send money and was presented with this screen before I could continue:

I was told by the scammer NOT to send it as an item or service. They told me via Facebook messenger this, and i should have knew something was fishy from there. The goods I was paying for was a cologne set of different designer colognes. But the so called seller persuaded me enough to continue with the transaction, provided photos of the products etc but closed his account before I could save the photos.

What’s annoying is how are PayPal allowing scammers to get away with this? They’ve facilitated paypals services and commit crimes using it??