What music are you listening to at the moment?


Yes he was…and I would love to have seen it :slight_smile:

(Marshall Brown) #130

Ahh my favorite song Paradise by “Coldplay”

(Brexit Day Is Gonna Be Shamayzing.) #131

(Leon) #132

(Leefa Chan) #133

(Jack) #134

White Lies have a new album out tomorrow if there are any other fans here :slight_smile:

(Leefa Chan) #135

Gonna check it

(Leefa Chan) #136

Piano Guys are awesome! Have you listened to 2Cellos :blush: ?


Right now I’m listening to a random old skool playlist featuring feeder, limp bizkit, S Club (7), Masters at Work, Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk and more randomness! It’s one of those Fridays!

(Paul) #138

Hozier. Wasteland Baby! is imminent and the tracks off it so far are beautiful and powerful

(Richard) #139

American bands Shinedown and Halestorm and a one off collaborative rock album by two Swedish rockers called Northward.

(Leon) #140

Definitely as they are great as well.

Have you listened to Maksim, Bond or Escala? How about Brooklyn Duo or even The Planets and the band Wild?

(Jack B) #141

The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X Does this count?


He’s plays more music than his R1 days but still a stretch to call it a music show over a chat show!

(Colin Robinson) #143

Heard something that I thought was David McAlmont but Siri said no.

So I’m listening to Nakhane Touré on repeat play now :headphones:

(Tom ) #144

I recently signed up for a vinyl subscription service called Magnolia Record Club and it is rather wonderful. Effectively every month they send you record of their choosing mostly new music. It is a great way to find new artists and they are almost always exclusive pressings in special colours or with extra tracks.

Anyone else here collect vinyl?

(Simon B) #145

I’ve got my eye on the new Kate Bush remaster sets - they look absolutely beautiful. Expensive though!


(Tom ) #146

I spent silly money on the Radiohead OK Computer OKNOTOK box set and have no regrets. I wish collecting vinyl wasn’t so darn expensive though!