Apple Music Vs. Amazon Music

So I have the free version of Amazon Music via Prime which I use through Alexa however I have also now been looking at Apple Music… how uses Apple Music and what’s it like?

If you happen to have both how does it compare?

I have Amazon Prime Music and have had Apple Music in the past. When I had Apple Music, the one limitation is you can only have music from Apple Music on your phone to use it.

I have DJ sets on my Mac that I can’t use on my phone if Apple Music is active. Therefore I use Spotify Premium.

Not a lot of help, but just thought I’d let you know that limitation.

I have both. I only use Apple Music. I don’t bother with Amazon. Apple is good but the interface could be improved. Also, still not easy to select AirPlay speaker destination from Control Centre in iOS 11

See I use iTunes Match and that works fine for me as it syncs across everything but I’m tired of ripping from YouTube now…

Guessing that I can’t upload my own stuff if I switch?

Google’s Play Music is good. Just as good. And you get a pretty decent trial.


I don’t have any Google products though (hardware)

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I didn’t know it was possible to live without Google! :wink: But fair play

Google Play Music is far from perfect though… I use it because of the song upload feature (which is far from flawless :joy:) It’s better than Spotify so I’ll stick with it and hope that Google sort it out one day :smiley:

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Yeah if you switch you have to have only stuff that is available on Apple Music. That’s the only reason I left.

I just spoke to Apple and got the following:

Me: I currently use iTunes Match and I was looking at Apple Music, can I use the two together?

Apple: Yes, you may have both of them. iTunes Match makes it possible for you to access your music from all your devices and listen to your entire library even songs that you’ve imported from other sources such as CDs, wherever you are.

Apple: While Apple Music, it checks your music collection and it matches against your song’s details (such as name, artist, album). If we have your songs in our catalog, we make them available to access on all of your devices (even when you’re not connected on WiFi or internet).

Maybe I didn’t have iTunes Match then. I have a lot of stuf they don’t have in their catalogue though.

I think I will just do the trial see what happens

You don’t need iTunes Match to upload your own stuff with Apple Music.

I only have Apple Music and have DJ Sets and remixes all uploaded there as well so they’re on all devices.

So Apple Music is Match as well as the extra music?

Indeed it is.


Just signed up, saw this so yeah that will clear some stuff I’ve already downloaded…



Can’t download full albums??

Nah man not gonna use it after trial :upside_down_face:


I tried Apple Music a year ago or so, it was awful. I hate the UI (this awful UI pattern that Apple keeps reusing all over the place like in Mail, Podcasts, News, etc) but discoverability also sucked compared to Spotify. Personally if I’m paying for a streaming service it’s mainly to be able to discover new stuff easily - if doesn’t allow me to do that I might as well just buy the music I already know and it works out cheaper.

Ok so I have just joined Apple Music 3 month free trial, downloaded some tracks and it would appear that you can only have one device playing anything Apple Music related at any one time!

I think Spotify does the same so not exactly surprising though still annoying.

Amazon Music does too

I had a free 6 month trial of Apple Music and didn’t use it at all. Google Play Music (paid) and Spotify (free with ads) for backup is a perfect combination for me.