What music are you listening to at the moment?

So last month in LA, I did something I haven’t done in years…spent hundreds of pounds on buying music in a record store! Came home with about 25 CD’s, 7 or 8 vinyls and even a couple of cassettes.

That’s the power of Amoeba Music in Hollywood for you!

Amongst many other things, I found:

Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis - The Hit Songs (EMI Publishing)

This is an extremely rare 4xCD promo set that sometimes goes for more than £100 online. Extremely hard to find and I got it for $70.

As far as I’ve been able to find out, there were only around 1000 of these made, and they were given out at a private industry event in 1996 to honour Jam & Lewis. It has about 80 of their biggest hits that they produced for the likes of The SOS Band, Change, New Edition, Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, Boyz II Men and many more.

Bonus points? I posted a picture of it to my Instagram and Jimmy Jam himself liked it :grinning:

I also found several Nine Inch Nails CD singles that had been missing from my collection, including “March Of The Pigs”, “Every Day Is Exactly The Same” and the very first NIN single, “Down In It”.

And the CD single of “Zero” by Smashing Pumpkins, which has 4 or 5 B-Sides only found on this release.

Another one I got was the limited edition green vinyl of “What Time Is It?” by The Time. One of the greatest funk albums of all time, and they did a limited edition run last year for Record Store Day. One of my friends in LA picked it up last year and held onto it for me :grinning: They only made 5000 of them, so I was super stoked to get that!

So… what are you all listening to right now?


I saw these guys on TV before! It was one of the talk shows, like Jimmy Kimmel, or Jimmy Fallon, or one of those folks. Do you know which performance I mean?

I actually was gutted that I didn’t get to see a performance or an in-store appearance at Amoeba. Fall Out Boy played a show there a few days after we left, and Bootsy Collins is doing an in-store appearance tomorrow which I’d have loved to have gone to, he is a true legend! :pensive:

Yeah, I think that must have been it. I don’t regularly watch Letterman though, so I’m not sure why I caught that one - perhaps one of the guests was someone I wanted to watch? I’m not sure.

I used to love going toTower Records in Piccadilly for my birthday. My friends would drop me off there in the morning and return for me in the afternoon while they did the rest of London.


https://soundcloud.com/zangiff/raggatek-set-zangiff-strtk Type of music called ‘raggatek’ I love it. This set is great.


Juan is a legend.

This my all time favorite track by him:

As I recall this was the first track he released as Model 500 after an 11 year break from using that name.

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Exactly why I love it! The synth and drum programming is nuts.

That’s a great compilation. Lots of all time favorites on there - New Order, Talk Talk, Nu Shooz, Gary Numan… Awesome!

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Yeah it’s decent, I love 80’s stuff tbh.

Just found this one, another slammer from Juan… This is reminding me that I need to check out the documentary about him, Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson soon.

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Can’t keep up with you trendsetters, but I am rather enjoying The Weeknd at the moment.

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Smetana - Má Vlast. Because it’s Friday.

Watched Red Sparrow last night, we were the only ones in the whole IMAX cinema!

The ballet music was amazing. Must look it up.

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I really, really like this

Haha :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Spotify have a load of algorithmically-generated playlist for literally every genre of music. I kind of get lost in these playlists for months at a time.

Right now, I’m deep into ‘The Sound of Wonky’. Yes, “wonky”.

Following the concert last Sunday…