Spotify. Post your playlists 😎

I always have a go to playlist. And :kissing: I’m wondering if anybody else does the same.

I’m not talking one that somebody else had made. I’m talking your custom playlists :sunglasses:

I’m in to so many different types of music, I’ve made a quick playlist made up of tracks I’m listening to at the moment.

Would love to find somebody that enjoys the vibes.

Do the same :sunglasses:

Bit late to the thread but hey ho!

Why not!

This one is mostly bass heavy for playing in the car (the best stereo I own!).

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And the title of this says it all…

Here’s another! I set up a playlist with a track from every one of my years on earth! Each song holds a memory for me …which explains the Brotherhood of Nan and The Wurzels from my youth!!!