Your favorite music/artists/bands?

(Simon B) #1

So I’m sure quite a few of you have noticed I’m a huge music fan, and I tend to get pretty fanatical about my favorite artists! I’m a musician myself and have had the pleasure of performing alongside many artists I love at various festivals and events (opening for the Beastie Boys and Kraftwerk was a particular highlight!), and I’ve also been lucky enough to make radio documentaries about some of my favorite artists for stations like BBC 1Xtra and XFM (now known as Radio X).

I like and listen to a huge amount of artists, but my favorites are : Prince, Michael Jackson, Nirvana, Nine Inch Nails, Joni Mitchell, Zapp & Roger, The 1975, Tupac Shakur and Guns N’ Roses (in fact I’m going to see GnR in London next week with my colleague @francesco!)

I’d really love to know what kind of music you guys are into :grinning:

Community Digest 16/06/17

Since an early age I have been a huge lover of Happy Hardcore and Upfront UK Hardcore. In 2007 I went along to the first HTID In The Sun and had a blast, returning in 2010, 2011, 2012. Westfest used to be a lot better back in the early days in my eyes, lately Slammin Vinly seem to focus on the Drum & Bass line ups because that’s where the crowds are. Still out at the parties now albeit not as regularly, and still spinning the 170-175bpm beats.

As of late I have been going back to my punk and rock sounds though. Bowling for Soup, Blink 182, Royal Blood and the likes are up there and all amazing live. Best gig I have been to has to be Royal Blood last month in Southampton, they are amazing live.

Really looking forward to seeing Linkin Park and Blink 182 (again) in Birmingham next month though :musical_note:

(Colin Robinson) #3

Well I grew up listening to David Bowie, Donna Summer, and Earth, Wind & Fire so a bit of a mixed bag. Music is essential in my life, I’d rather go blind than deaf. I’m 60+ but still keeping my ears open.

Buying a few Gliiterbox compilations to revisit old tracks:

Other recent purchases include Erasure, Max Richter, Patti Labelle, Anohni.

Been lucky enough to see David Bowie in concert at Earls Court for what eventually came out as the Stage album, in Milton Keynes open air for the Serious Moonlight tour, and at Cardiff for the Glass Spider tour.

I’ve also managed to see EWF more than once live and was walking round the Royal Albert Hall when Verdine White was entering for the evenings performance.

I also like some classical and Philip Glass is one of my go to’s having heard Koyaanisqatsi playing in someone house after a night out in Cardiff and thinking WTF is that. Akhenaten and Satyagraha I’ve seen by ENO and I’m thinking about going to see Satyagraha again next year.

I moved house a couple of years ago and most of my albums and CDs are boxed away, slowly getting them out and remembering good times.

I was a musician a long time ago - Grimsby and Cleethorpes District Youth Orchestra on the double bass. Learnt at school (do they still do that?) but had to switch to the violin :violin: for a while as I couldn’t reach the top of the bass. Easy enough as the strings are the same but in reverse order.

Memories enough for a lifetime so,I’ll stop here. :heart:


Favourite artists bands have to be Prince and Kiss! But I’m rather open minded when it comes to what I listen to. As long as I enjoy it, that’s all that matters!

I used to play in bands but when the career picked up the gigging stopped, but I’m looking to get back into it again. Had varying degrees of success with bands, with the last one having music available in HMV and at present the first EP from that band is on Apple Music and Spotify. Not sure why the second one isn’t though!

(Herp Derp) #5

This is my favorite artist and music :eyes:

Community Digest 16/06/17
(Simon B) #6

Glad we have another Prince fan on here :grinning: I’m a huge fan - saw him 14 times overall, met him, and he used my review of one of his gigs in an official video…Amongst many other things! :grinning:

(Edward Robert) #7

Hi, my favourite are, the Beatles, pink floyd, neutral milk hotel, thrice, brand new, queens of the stone age, Mars Volta, sigur Ros and alexisonfire


I don’t buy anywhere as much music these days but these are what I consider my all time favourite artists.

Aphex Twin
Beach Boys
Daft Punk
Kunt & The Gang
Led Zeppelin
Rage Against The Machine
Richard Cheese
Venetian Snares

I spent way too much money trying to collect every single Aphex Twin vinyl. Didn’t do too badly but my vinyl purchasing days are behind me. Slowly starting to sell it off.

(Naji Esiri) #9


Stop right there!!!


I only caught him live a few times when he was at the O2, but each time was amazing.

Lots of decent bands being mentioned by people!

I’m really digging the new QOTSA tune that’s been put out over the last few days (and I’m listening to Songs For The Deaf at the moment).

(Colin Robinson) #11

Diamond & Pearls tour at some football ground in Manchester :slight_smile:


I’m keeping most of the rare classics like test pressings or hard to find. Although I did sell my Analord binder and my Joyrex J9ii picture disc. I justified that though on the basis that I wanted a better one and I’ll get that later on.

I’ve got one of these test prints that Mark Bell sent to me. I’m keeping that bad boy, especially as we’ve now lost him :cry:

(Colin Robinson) #13

Someone mentioned Mick Karen at work today so I’ve just binged on this lot:

(Simon B) #15

Pretty far apart but I’ve been listening to these two albums today:

Taylor album = not as good as her previous

NIN = genius as usual

(Eve) #16

I really liked TS’s music but this new album is quite a departure from her old stuff. I know she reinvents herself quite a bit with country > pop but I’m not really a fan of rap or whatever she’s trying to be for extra ~edginess~ but her MVs and publicity are on point as always.
I was surprised and disappointed by Look What You Made Me Do when it was first released but now I grudgingly admit it is catchy. After a couple of listens her album wins me over as always :sweat_smile:

(Simon B) #19

It’s probably my favourite, yeah. Great track.

“The Lovers” is brilliant too.

“Add Violence” is the second of a three-EP trilogy and they are all supposed to connect, so be sure to listen to the previous EP, “Not The Actual Events” as well.

(Eve) #20

I saw that, she always does such lovely things for her fans too (esp during Christmas!) and donates without publicising her involvement.


Type O Negative have some awesome tunes, saw me through Uni, Static X also, if you need an energy tune at the gym you can’t beat thrash metal. These days I’m quite eclectic but love listening to Solstafir, I must be mellowing in my old age.

The classics are, well classic, Bowie, The Police, love Tears for Fears and Duran Duran.

(Simon B) #23

Bruno and Cardi B bringing the New Jack Swing revival! I :purple_heart: it.

(Allie) #24

Miley Cyrus, Hey Violet, Vocaloid (most stuff done with them), Tegan and Sara, S3RL, Passenger, TakeponG,, Ariana Grande, La Roux, Robbie Schaefer, Kimya Dawson,…

There’s a few of my faves :slight_smile: