What music are you listening to at the moment?

(Matt C) #88

(Is Santa here yet?) #89

I’m unnaturally obsessed with this Post Malone song but that turtle neck :x:

(Simon B) #90

I love this song!

(🤦‍♂️ abofm.club 🤦‍♂️) #91

Enjoying a bit of Conchords at the moment.

(Simon B) #92

Inner City Pressure is my favorite :joy:

(🤦‍♂️ abofm.club 🤦‍♂️) #93

That’s a favourite too. So spot on with every little detail.
Hiphopapotamus Vs Rhymenoceros is also high on the list.

(Paul) #94

Liking Anna Calvi’s new record

(Colin Robinson) #95

Currently album of the day on Radio 6. Just played Chain.

(Lewis King) #96

I’ve been enjoying the new Disclosure stuff and I’ve had Jamie XX’s Glastonbury set on all morning.

(Lewis King) #97

Their new stuff is great!

(Paul) #98

Tis very good

(Simon B) #99

SingleWhiteGlove on YouTube gets access to the original Michael Jackson multitrack studio session files and makes full on extended mixes using parts not included in the original releases.

He just dropped a 30th anniversary extended mix of Man In The Mirror and it’s mindblowing.

(Leon) #101

There is fire and then there is THIS…




(Simon B) #103

Seen all of them! But it’s great they are coming to YouTube!

(Simon B) #104

Today I revisited Alison Moyet’s awesome debut album “Alf” :grinning:


My Dad bought this on tape when it was first released… Might give it a listen over lunch!

(Tom) #106

New Muse album! Enjoying it so far

(Is Santa here yet?) #107

Moby ‘Everything Was Beautiful, and Nothing Hurt’. So good

(Emma ) #108

I’m listening to Queen Greatest hits at the mo, after seeing the film last weekend.
Wow! I was blown away by it, amazing film. Has anyone else seen it? I always loved Queen, my dad was a fan, but I appreciate the music even more now :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: