What music are you listening to at the moment?

(Greg Spinks) #68

The Jacksons - Wondering Who

It’s ace! New vocals from MJ mix!

(Simon B) #69

I’m gonna need a link to that RIGHT NOW!!!

(Greg Spinks) #70

Enjoy :wink:

(Simon B) #71

Ah, had a feeling it might be from Nick. He always delivers. Thanks!

(Greg Spinks) #72

No worries! The extra little vocals are stellar.

(Charlie Kelly) #73

Anyone else a fan of Eric Prydz and his alter egos?
Spend most of my time listening to electronic/techno/dance, a little 80s, 90s and 00s thrown in here and there.

(Simon B) #74

This is such a great record. IMO it’s up there with Mellon Collie & The Infinite Sadness which is generally considered to be SP’s magnum opus.

(Greg Spinks) #75

Janet Jackson - Made for Now. Pretty good imo!

(Colin Robinson) #76

Disclosure playlist on Spotify as it’s nearly the weekend.

(Andy Williams) #77

Good choice, I approve! Roger, their keyboard player, is one of my best mates.

(Phil) #78

Right this moment: the new Open Mike Eagle album (http://philok.it/x/7a)
Next up I’m going to get stuck into the latest Ólafur Arnalds album (http://philok.it/x/7b) ahead of the concert in Oct.

Favourite track right now: Becky Hill - Sunrise in the East

(Simon B) #79

I’m in Cardiff at the moment and there’s a great record store here so I picked up some vinyl.

Debut album by Alexander O’Neal
12" single of “Control” by Janet Jackson
“Re-mix-in-a-carnation” by Wendy and Lisa

Can anyone tell me the common thread that links these three records together? :wink:


Right…you got me???

I was thinking producers, but that’s not correct! Prince?

(Is Santa here yet?) #81

Alexander O’Neal and Wendy and Lisa were in Prince’s band. Janet though?

I thought producers


Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis have produced/ worked with all three??

(Simon B) #83

Prince is indeed the common link (or more specifically… The Time)

Prince formed a protege act called The Time in the early 1980’s, widely considered one of the greatest funk bands ever. Alexander O’Neal was initially the lead singer, but he and Prince fell out over money before things got started, so he was fired, and Morris Day (who was originally the drummer) became the frontman.

The original keyboard player and bass player in The Time were Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. They got fired from the band after missing a gig as they got stuck in Atlanta producing The SOS Band (“Just Be Good To Me” being the best known song they did with them).

They ventured out on their own as producers and songwriters after being fired, and went on to become amongst the most successful and biggest selling record producers of all time, much of which was down to their work with Janet Jackson, and Alexander O’ Neal (they produced most of his albums including this one)

Wendy & Lisa were, of course, in Prince’s own band The Revolution (and Lisa actually co-wrote “The Stick” on The Time’s first album).

Secondary answer is also that the guitarist from The Time, Jesse Johnson, also produced for Janet (one of his tracks, “Pretty Boy” is the b-side on that Control single) and he’s also on that Wendy & Lisa album playing guitar on “Satisfaction”. And, the other keyboard player from The Time, Monte Moir, is all over both the Alexander O’ Neal album and the Janet album :grinning:


Nice! love a bit of a pop quiz!

Good answer too…like a dissertation!

(Simon B) #85

Janet is actually the only person that I know of outside of the direct Prince camp to have worked with almost all the members of The Time (six out of the seven bandmembers)

Aside from working with Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, Monte Moir and Jesse Johnson, she also did a great track (“Black Cat”) with The Time’s drummer, Jellybean Johnson. And Jerome Benton, the dancer from The Time appeared in the “Control” video with his former bandmate.

Only one she never worked with is Morris Day.

(Is Santa here yet?) #86

Was ‘Just Be Good To Me’ ripped off by Beats International as ‘Dub Be Good To Me’?

(Simon B) #87

Certainly was, although they probably cleared it, so it’s more of a cover / interpolation than them ripping it off.

Lily Allen also did a version I think? And probably many others.

Nothing beats the original though, Jimmy Jam’s synth work on it is pure genius.