What made you go #FullMonzo?

(Punit Mannari) #42

I have gone full monzo. Was expecting some money in tonight…was sleeping…10 min ago kechinggg…alert that money has gone in that I was expecting.
I am still not able to set the budgeting date from 28th tho…that’s when my wages goes in
Normally with other banks I would set alarms and wake up to check in the night

(Nathan) #43

The rapid progress of The Big List.

Even though not all elements will be achieved by the deadline, the progress made has re-confirmed my faith in the product and that Monzo is the best place for my money moving forward.

(Jack) #44

Once you get paid on the 28th you should be able to select it as the start of your budgeting date. The payment needs to have arrived first.


I haven’t done it yet, and might not be able to for various reasons, but Monzo is regardless the best bank I’ve used.

The reason? Monzo doesn’t appear like a bank. The support are friendly and personal. I don’t feel a barrier with Monzo, or a need to argue to get something done. For once, you feel like your bank is on your side. You’re not making finance harder than it needs to be. Monzo is a bank truly aimed for a person just looking to have simple banking. Everything at the touch of your fingertips, with the most important information available first. The UI is well-designed and relevant. Everyone else seems to be thinking 20 years behind yet tries to be in the present, Monzo has embraced a certain culture and builds outwards with that culture in its core.

Ultimately, the transparency and this kind of atmosphere makes Monzo a great company to bank with. The emphasis on community and transparency is great.

Great job to all of you. I think you’ve understood what people want. Typically people tend to go with what their parents use, or what they see in shopping malls, though, and they don’t hear of Monzo. I think if you could reach these people, specifically younger ones (e.g. students), you’d have a large base of people that would love banking with Monzo.

(Jack) #46

Great that you have such positive thoughts about monzo!

Are you willing to speak about any of the reasons that’s stopping you going full monzo ? We may be able to suggest \ help here :slight_smile:

(Matt McSherry) #47

Yeah this confused me too as I Monzo’d myself about five days after payday. For a while the app thought my flat mates rent going in was my wages.

The language around that process for newbies still looks like you SHOULD be able to tell the app “I’ll get paid on x date”. That confused me a little when I started.

(Mark) #48

So, my main current account (for a £11pm fee) provides me with travel insurance and also mobile phone insurance. I then also have a ‘reward’ of £5.50 paid back to my every month for having my salary paid in, a certain number of direct debits, paperless statements and using my debit card for transactions.
So, essentially, for £5.50pm I get travel and mobile phone insurance.

If I went #FullMonzo, I’d need to pay for these account benefits separately which is really the reason I’ve not done it yet - or why I don’t see it happening in the short term. I don’t see me being able to insure my iPhone X for £5.50 a month via an alternative provider (I have checked).

Is this something that Monzo would consider longer term - having account benefits like Mobile Phone insurance which could be added for a fee?

(Glenn Lewis) #49

Just out of interest, what is the excess on the iPhone X insurance?

(Mark) #50

£75 because it’s an Apple device. £50 for all other phones.

Vodafone Insurance, for example, is £11-£15pm depending on model and £79 excess for each successful claim.

(Glenn Lewis) #51

That’s not too bad. I’ve got an X, and it’s uninsured right now, which makes me nervous!

(Alex) #52

It was three things for me:

Apple Pay
Overdrafts (although I never use it)

I miss nothing from firstdirect but have loads of extras now.

I still have an account at smile for their insurance etc. that they don’t offer to new or upgrading customers anymore and just transfer the fee amount over each month.

  1. watching and waiting for a bit, and seeing that customers consistently seemed to be satisfied

  2. seeing DDs/BACS a day early - that’s useful and something my old bank didn’t do

  3. implementing 3DS better than my old bank

  4. it’s sooooo easy to open the app and see what’s going on with my money

Reservations: applying for a mortgage (I think my old bank would have given me one fairly easily), paying in cash, paying in cheques, anxiety that you’ll suffer a massive system failure at some point

Things my old bank does better (which I continue to use): personal loan for my car, regular saver account

(Micky) #54

My finances are joint so that it wasn’t until joint accounts were released that I could go #FullMonzo. Thankfully CASS worked from my previous joint account which made things easier but it was the summary functionality that really motivated me. I previously had 2 joint accounts, one for bills and one for spending so to merge both accounts took some convincing but summary made that possible as I still get to see my remaining spending money for the month, without that I wouldn’t have switched

(Stephen Brinda) #55

After being messed about with high street banks for many years, Monzo has been a breath of fresh air to me.

I aint going nowhere.

(Richard Lowe) #56

Haven’t quite gone full Monzo due to the lack of CASS for joint accounts. Hopefully this will be rectified soon :+1:

(Mr Antonio Monteiro-Sampson) #57

All the things mentioned above. Had a current account with Starling, wanted a joint one with the husb, was declined for no apparent reason. So we ditched them for monzo, since I was one of the originals, had a charge card that became an account and all that. Never looked back! Still work to be done, we need a decent iPad app, cash deposits and joint account pots, but definitely a promising start.


TBH, the main thing holding me back was uncertainty as to how CASS worked.
I’d been sold on moving since Apple Pay arrived, but I wasn’t sure how reliable CASS was

I finally plucked up the courage to give Barclays the chuck after an expensive month left me overdrawn and the first I knew about it was the text from Barclays telling me to sort it out

The switch has gone through now, and it was about as seamless as it could be, apart from a bit of a delay in transferring over my account balance. It’s a bit scary when your old account has disappeared, but the remaining balance is floating about in the ether

(Ramadevan Ramachandaran) #59

It’s normally very smooth transition. I had the same fear but it all went fine and the staff was very helpful. I have been full Monzo and no regrets at all.

(Andre Borie) #60

I have a friend that just did two full switches simultaneously (Lloyd’s and Metro) and they completed without any issues so I’d say it’s pretty reliable.


I decided after 1 week of using Monzo I would go full Monzo. There’s still loads of features/changes I want, but in its current state it’s a million times better than my old bank already.

CASS was super easy, and after the switch all my DDs were taken from Monzo without a hitch.

However, since then, I received notification on my Monzo account of 2 companies I already have DDs with, setting up new DDs. When I queried this with Monzo, they seemed to think it was the companies in question who had re-setup the DDs after the CASS switch. They had however prior to this, already taken DDs from me since the switch, and when I contacted the companies they had no knowledge of setting up my DD again.

I have to wait until after next months DDs are taken, and then cancel whichever DD the payment wasn’t taken from (as it now shows I have 2 DDs with each of these companies).