Switching to the current account

Hi! How’s everyone finding their budgeting etc? Are you having more cash left by the end of the month than usual? Have you set up your spending budgets and stuck to them?

I generally feel the grind toward payday as my salary ain’t as phat as it used to be (long story :cry:).

I was inclined to give this account a shot full swing because of its budgeting tools and early notification of DD payments etc

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You’ll find answers here


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I used to be the same - and still am to an extent, but I am absolutely doing much better now with Monzo and I have an accurate picture of my spending, what’s due to come out etc.

It’s worth signing up, you can keep your old account open if you want to and just use it Monzo your spending money at first, and go #FullMonzo later.


I’m finding myself with considerable money left over however I wish that summary was more intelligent enough to work this out earlier in the month than on the last day!


That’s good to hear. I’ve been playing around with it since July and was just getting fed of of transferimg money when I needed it so decided to go all the way, I might as well! Didn’t use it to it’s full potential but from what I’ve used and seen this far is enough for me to think it will be a good move.


I think the ease of checking my balance has made me more aware of how much money I actually have. And therefore more conscious of living within my means. I hated the over the top security of other bank apps and more or less relied on ATMs to be reminded of my balance. With the annoying available and actual balances that made my spending a bit of a mystery.

The payday notification sort of prompts me to stick a chunk of money into savings/pots as soon as I get paid, too.

I think Summary at the moment is pretty basic but I think even the basic estimate makes me frequently question if I will or won’t run out of money. Enough to often think about how I’m spending my money.

The budgeting features are also pretty simple right now and I don’t really use them because I’m not really sure how I should be using them and if they’ll even be helpful. I often ignored the warnings.

I’m pretty excited for these things to get smarter and more developed though.


Yea, I noticed that the notifications after a transaction was quite helpful. I like how it told me how much I’d spent that day. Put it into a better prospective and made me. Think twice about se things.

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