What made you go #FullMonzo?

(Matt McSherry) #21

It’s so funny that moving money out of pots feels like a chore. And it really does. Considering how my old bank worked though, it really highlights the lead Monzo has in terms of user experience and transparency.

(Ramadevan Ramachandaran) #22

Futuristic banking style, instant notification, ability to freeze the card, in app chat, bill splitting, future direct debits, 3D secure monzo style, pots with IFTTT integration, plum savings, overdraft, budgeting, joint account, international money transfer from my bed rather then going to the bank and etc etc. Simply futuristic and I don’t have to waste my taxi money running to Natwest or Lloyds + don’t have to spend 3 hours to get hold of customer service with a legacy bank. Pain in the ass. Obviously the cool hit coral card. Waiting for more new features to be coming out soon !! :tada::bank::star2:

(Harry) #23

It was only a matter of time for me once I’d joined.

When I realised how quickly Monzo implements new features I knew I had to go full Monzo. Its so exciting to think what Monzo will be like in a years time.

If I’d just stuck with my old bank it would of looked no different in a year :grinning:

(Matt Jenkinson) #24

Oh Absolutly! I can put up with that over having my Barclays Accounts.

(Owain Peter Webster) #25

I’ve done a partial switch, would love to go full but can’t add salary as my employer needs and IBAN number :sob:

(Jack) #27

Do they still pay you from a GBP account?

They make accept the IBAN for euro payments?


Instant notifications, and the ability to freeze and unfreeze your card… the latter also being particularly useful if you’re ever dealing with websites that offer ‘free trials’ and they make it difficult to cancel.

Customer service through the app, no waiting in a call centre call queue for 10 minutes and then a further few minutes to answer some security questions for a simple question to be answered. I enjoy the use of emojis with customer service, its a simple but quite engaging feature.

The ability to reverse payments, for example, I ordered trainers from Adidas a couple of weeks ago, almost immediately i’d changed my mind and cancelled the order, Adidas would not collect the payment but it would still sit pending in my account for 7-10 days until returning to my balance. I messaged customer service and they reversed it quite promptly, you can do this yourself for smaller value transactions. With a legacy bank they would make you wait it out.

Seeing what you spend in total with a particular merchant is a pretty good feature, to my shock i’ve discovered that i’ve spent nearly £1000 at a particular retailer who is also my employer (a nationwide convenience retailer starts with c and end in p and and has a hypen) I would never have thought this and it now makes me consider how much i’m buying etc.

and a few smaller things, I love the logos, when my car finance comes out I look forward to seeing the VW logo as sad as that sounds! When I get paid our company logo also appears beside my salary which I quite like. Sending Monzo me requests, the new bill splitting feature, the budgeting feature I am no longer a fan of and have since disabled it as it appears to be inaccurate and keeps telling me I may run out of money which is quite disappointing, although I know that myself without the app reminding me :joy:

I was using my main account with Santander alongside Monzo for some transactions. When current accounts were launched, I was considering the switch, but I wanted an overdraft… along came overdrafts and I was sold, but was wanting to use the 7 day switch/CASS… and along it came as a trial option and I jumped at the chance.

Im very impressed so far, shortly after the switch I did open a bricks and mortar current account with a very large building society, to deposit cash and cheques into before transferring the funds into my Monzo account, I know Monzo accept cheques by post but I prefer the old fashioned way of paying them into a branch, although when Monzo release cheque imaging I will most likely use that service instead (for the rare occasions when I receive a cheque)

All in all, a cracking job :clap:

Update… something I forgot to add

The ability for non Monzo users to pay you via debit card using a Monzo.me link, my mates card has seen better days and doesn’t work in cash machines, nor does the contactless, he has to rely on getting cashback in shops, he needs a new card and won’t order one (Its on my agenda to kidnap him, take him to a branch and force him to order a new card one of these days) his phone number is also not up to date for his security codes to set up new payees in his online banking, he’s not the most organised to say the least… but anyway, we were out having some… uh… soft drinks… :eyes: one evening and we went to get more money before going to our next destination to consume more soft drinks, I’d to withdraw cash for him and he was able to pay me via debit card, I’m not sure if that feature still exists but it was pretty cool.


Initially I opened a Monzo account as it was the easiest as a new resident to UK. But, I fell in love. I imagined hating being notified of my spending, but it was the opposite. I’m so conscious of it, and, appreciative of budget reminders. I travel a lot and it’s superb for that. And POTS ARE AMAZING! All my previous banks show me my full balance inc savings and my head thinks that’s how much I can spend. Monzo keeps it hidden from my sight and it’s brilliant for saving. Support, emojis, no old school sadness… all makes Monzo perfect for all in. I especially love my pay day notifications!

(Anthony ) #30

Just ready to try something new really. I was unhappy with my old Bank Santander. I liked the way the app worked, as I’m very unorganised with my money this was for me a no brainer. So I made the decision to switch after about five minutes or ten minutes after using the app. I have no regrets what’s so ever. I’m glad I made the change. I think Monzo is great :laughing:


I’m self-employed (using Coconut for business), so I don’t have a regular salary (sob). But Monzo is my primary personal account by a mile - when I compare it to the clunky Halifax app, which I keep for the odd foreign currency transaction, there’s absolutely no contest.

Pots, instant notifications, elegant app, classification of spending, quality of support - all superb. And love being in at this early stage.

(Keri) #32

I plan on going #FullMonzo very soon. Waiting for my wages to be paid this month then going to switch my salary with my employer.


at first I was waiting for direct debit retry before I go full Monzo however i made the plunge before that came in place never regretted it and I ain’t looking back best decision I’ve made moving to a bank

(Stephen) #34

I went full Monzo once Apple Pay was available (as it is the main way I pay for everything these days). I love having a U.K. bank with a fast and intuitive mobile app. I also love instant notifications and pots are so damn useful.

Now as soon as I can convince my partner to go full Monzo we’ll be able to switch our joint account away from our old dinosaur bank.

(Jack) #35

Loving how quick some users have gone #FullMonzo :rocket:


Two things, 1. Overdrafts made it feel like a full bank account. 2. I could update my address in seconds. Tsb took a four week paper and post process. The ease of use with Monzo really clinched it.

(Mr Antonio Monteiro-Sampson) #37

I have been #fullmonzo for a while and as soon as joint accounts were on labs - goodbye old style banking, hello live notifications, better control of my money, loving the pots on individual accounts, no frills use abroad, no exploitative bank fees, top notch customer service… Need I say more? I have used other app-based banks on the market and this is the one I’m sticking with.

(Sameer Patel) #38

Apple Pay was the final feature that really pushed me over the line. I think the way Monzo handles Direct Debts is fantastic and also Pots are super useful.

Having an OD facility is great, but the crazy prices to use it (even if you’re large credit in pots) is my last and only concern; 50p per day is simply too high. I know we shouldn’t “mental account” but I HATE removing money from a pot, even if for the sake of a few days.

(James) #39

For me it was a transitional phase, as opposed to something that happened overnight. Three main features brought me closer to #FullMonzo

  1. Natural switch from prepaid - I was already aware of how Monzo met my needs where traditional banks didn’t. I moved more spending and income to Monzo once I got my CA and I felt my money was safe from risk with FSCS protection.

  2. Customer support - I believe regular contact with your bank is healthy in a customer-client relationship. I used to avoid updating my details, raising queries about unexpected transactions etc. due to the complexity of getting in touch with a traditional bank. Monzo removes the long queues and the call menus to nowhere. Customer service is important to me. Monzo’s prompt, efficient, and friendly service made me feel valued.

  3. Apple Pay - I use Apple Pay for around 60% of my contactless transactions. My loyalty cards are all on Apple Wallet and makes the purchases faster, rather than using my mobile and wallet just to order a coffee.

I also like that Monzo constantly improves, and continues to prove that the switch was the right decision. Upcoming payments, pots and bill splitting alone would have convinced me if the previous features had not.

(Paul Beebe) #40

I am 98% Full Monzo and have got other people on board too. The only thing stopping me at the moment is needing the ability to pay DD’s from Pots. I have my old TSB account with all my bills in and I transfer enough money to that every month to cover them. As soon as I can have a “Bills” pot which the DD goes out of I will bit that current account switch button and close that badboy down.

(Jack) #41

Committed bills pot coming :soon: