New Current Account Customer - Full Switch?


I’m brand new to Monzo, albiet i’ve been following for a long time.

I would like to get rid of my main bank (Halifax) and move fully to Monzo. Recently Halifax turned off the text alerts, which was the only useful thing the account did which has made me look elseware.

2 things that are making me a bit nervous about switching fully.

  1. The lack of a Current Account Switch Guarantee which the main banks offer & for me has been really useful in doing a major switch over.

  2. What impact moving to a new(ish) bank would have when re-mortgaging next December (2018).

Regarding point 1, I could have lived with that if the Overdraft facility was live and allowed some buffer which would mean maybe 1 month of work to keep an eye on both old and new accounts, but after that, it’ll settle down. But with no guaranteed date with that, I was wondering how others have made the move?

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If it helps I moved slowly making sure that DDs were working correctly a few at a time before finally moving my salary over. Been working just fine for the last 3 months :slight_smile:


I had the same fears, but just ended up moving all my direct debits (in time for January - ouch) and salary to follow. I’m going to jump in, but keep my existing legacy bank account around for a while in case I need a fall back!


Hi! Hopefully moving to Monzo will help you with remortgaging, as the app can breakdown spending into categories, generating more useful data than traditional bank statements.
Bank statements are on the roadmap too :slight_smile:
I switched the direct debits manually - I have 5 and it was just a few phone calls to change the details with each company.
I’d suggest making a list of each direct debit, and for how much, then you can tick off each one as they confirm the change. I also used this as an opportunity to ask electricity and internet providers to change the DD dates, so they are the day after payday, for simplicity

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Thats how I’ve done it too. Then I can hopefully avoid having twice as much money earmarked all month for direct debits (for just-in-case switches didn’t happen!)

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Hi Guys,

Thanks for all the responses.

The bit that is messing with my head a bit is that we used to (currently have) 2 joint accounts, one that we use for the main stuff & salaries and the other for food/clothes etc.

As Monzo don’t do joint accounts, I’m thinking of doing the main stuff in my name as my salary covers the majority of that and then set up the wife’s as the spend’s account.

Which is largely fine, apart from leaving me without the spends account. Which means I probably need to then budget some general spends on the new main account (my account).

What do other people do with things like Mortgages when you can’t have a joint account?

I’ve moved all my direct debits and my first salary came in to my Monzo today :hugs:. I reckon I’ll give my legacy bank the bad news next week - it’s not me - it’s them! I’m gonna close the legacy bank account that I pay for and just hold onto the free one to give me an extra cash deposit option around the city.


I use Monzo for all of my spending, and have been using the Monzo current account since July with no problem what so ever. My partner and I have a legacy joint account where we throw a set amout of money every month that all joint bills (mortgage, electric, gas, water, council tax, insurance) and groceries.


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