So I'm going full monzo

So I’ve just filled in the switch and I’m sacking off my Barclays account.

Let’s see how it goes :slight_smile:


Welcome to the fold.


Good luck and here’s hoping to a successful switch! :tada:


good your switching, I’ve been full Monzo 1yr now and I’ve never regretted and looked back since happy with my decision

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That’s awesome! Have you got any other accounts open? Active or inactive? - if you don’t mind me asking, please don’t feel pressured to answer :blush:

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Yeah will still have:

HSBC joint account (use it for house owner with my ex)
HSBC personal account (don’t use it)


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I did the exact same yesterday… Barclays might talk a good game but they can still be so old fashioned…

I was planning on moving an account to Barclays until I found out that I had to travel 20 miles to my closest branch to do it, so I decided to switch Barclays to Monzo instead…


So my DD’s are now showing in Monzo but not on my accounts with those companies so maybe they will update once first payment taken?

I am also going #fullmonzo!

Quite excited.


Congrats! Welcome to the future of banking!

Who are you switching from (if you don’t mind me asking)?


Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m switching from TSB. I’ve been with them/Lloyds basically my whole life. I was getting increasingly frustrated with their opaque approach to balances/available balances/pending transactions. The lack of clarity even led to me going into an unauthorised overdraft unintentionally at one point. And then
their borderline offensive customer support during that massive online banking disaster was the final straw and I pledged to ditch them once and for all. But then it all looked a bit daunting and I put it off for ages.

I’d already been with Monzo for a while at that point, transferring spending money from my salary in my TSB account into my Monzo account. I ended up with some half-baked halfway house and was managing half my outgoings from one account and half from another. I love the intuitive budgeting stuff in Monzo and was trying to find a way of managing my finances across both accounts when I suddenly realised that the solution was as simple as going full Monzo.

And so here I am. Honestly dunno why I haven’t done it sooner.


Ooh me too! My first #FullMonzo salary is due in the account next week and I’m oddly excited about it! I’ve managed my money so much better last month in half and half land that full Monzo can only be better! :tada::blush:


I went #fullmonzo back in April 2018.
Before that I was using a Danske Bank account that was set up for me when I was like 12.
I just wish I had found out about Monzo sooner.

I’ve also have accounts at most other FinTech banks to try them out but Monzo is my main account for now.

I find Lloyds annoying. It texts me to tell me what my overnight balance was from the previous night if close to my limit. (11pm last time) however this amount they text me is completely different to the amount in my account if anything has processed the day they text me.
It’s the most pointless text ever. I have asked for it to be turned off, but it’s still there.


In the least surprising turn of events ever, my payroll dept (run by Capita) doesn’t recognise the Monzo sort code.

I decided to try and manually change my salary account before the CASS got involved because I knew this was going to be an issue.

Stand by your beds, everyone… Capita have strong form for mucking up anything that is slightly out of the ordinary. Currently taking bets on whether I’ll successfully get paid on my next payday (21 March).

As someone who was prevously employed by Capita, I’d put £100 on it taking more than 6 months to accept the sort code :joy:

It you just cass’d the account you’re salary would end up in your new one and Bacs would tell them to update their records.

Yeah, that’s what I’m afraid of, Nicole :see_no_evil::grin:

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Yeah, in theory I should be fine… But I honestly can’t explain the capacity they have for mucking things up - Bacs will tell them to sort it out and Capita will end up sending my salary to the moon or something :laughing:


If they couldn’t change it would just be re-directed to your new account forever
You can also complain to Bacs who will have a go day them on your behalf

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