Have you gone #FullMonzo?

This week, we announced that the Current Account Switch Service was now available for all Monzo users!

If you don’t know, this service lets you seamlessly move from one bank current account to another, moving over your balance, scheduled payments, and inbound transactions. And it’s all protected in case anything goes wrong.

On Twitter, we’ve been asking people to share their stories about going #FullMonzo. And now it’s your turn!

Have you made the switch yet? How did it go?

And if you haven’t, why not? We’d love to hear what’s holding you back!


#FullMonzo here! No issues it’s been great so far! Seamless!

I did a full switch and partial to move all my payments and salary over.


Me too - all good. I had two accounts with my old bank so the other one is still open for any cash deposits, but otherwise - all in.

As I said on another thread, it would be great to have a CASS counter.

There have been few popular threads on this and a lot of feedback there - If a new user had started a thread like this it would merge :smile::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes and no.

Salary, bills and daily expenditure are through Monzo but most of my money is with my legacy bank as they offer me a savings account and there is no point in putting sums over 1000 in pots with Monzo currently


Yup, I know these! (I was tallying up the feedback last week).

This is a good opportunity for some fresh feedback. (Also CASS is given as a reason for not switching in a lot of those older posts :slight_smile:)

As soon as I get an overdraft I’ll be switching to full Monzo! :blush:

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I have joint finances/accounts, so no I haven’t switched but if there was support for joint accounts or if I didn’t have joint finances I probably would.


Sadly I simply can’t go #FullMonzo

I have a joint account and I can’t use the service for that and additionally £13 a month for phone insurance, breakdown cover and travel insurance for the 2 of us is cheap as hell!! I haven’t even been able to find individual phone insurance for that much a month!!

Could do with a package offering of some sort I know Tom has commented saying he thinks they are a waste of time looking into but it’s actually stopping me never being FullMonzo

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I’m worried that changing current accounts will make it harder, as a first time buyer, to get a mortgage in a couple of years time. Right now, I think First Direct would be pretty happy to offer me a mortgage.

Done a partial switch and will keep my Barclays account for :moneybag: deposits. My salary should arrive on my :mondo: account :slight_smile:

One issue with the partial switch. As I moved a lot of DirectDebits manually into :mondo: beforehand I now ended up with duplicate entries and I need to wait for 30 days to see which once are active and which once can be removed.

I had planned to go #FullMonzo and been excitedly awaiting the current account launch but Starling offered me an overdraft first, they offered Goals before Monzo launched pots, they have offered International payments before Monzo, and don’t get me started on my thoughts about being charged 3% for an ATM withdrawal in the EU that Monzo themself claimed cost them 1%! So my not going #FullMonzo is not down to my inaction but Monzo lagging in a race behind Starling.


To clarify I kept my classic Lloyds account open just to use for deposits of cash and cheques at the moment. I’m aware Monzo accept cheques by post but if it’s a large value cheque I like to take it to the counter or scan it myself with the app just so I know it’s arrived safe and not got lost in the post.
My Lloyds account was the account I used the partial switch on to move payments etc and was my primary account.
The account I did a full switch from was one I used to get a joining incentive/used for savings and no longer require.

I agree with you here. Goals for me are the killer feature to help budget through the month. The fact that you can have more than 10 AND you can schedule money in (out would be good but its not there) means I just transfer the money in on pay day and the next day its all auto split out to where it needs to be.

Coin Jar would be nice, but that alone is not enough to make me move.


Became #FullMonzo on Monday! :tada: The process was super smooth and so far I’ve had no problems.

Since I use my Monzo card all the time now, I love hearing comments like “you’ll never loose that” or “wow, that’s bright” when I get my card out to pay. :monzo:

The only slight concern I have is around depositing money. I think it’s slightly awkward to ask people to do a bank transferwhen it comes to things like birthday money! Also, it’s not the same as opening a birthday card to find a lovely £20 note in there :money_with_wings:!


I was one of the early adopters and went #FullMonzo back in August last year but then in January -

Still using Monzo daily though and will seriously consider coming back after few more months. At the moment combination of Barclays/Monzo and Emma works for me.


I was #FullMonzo but I had problems with direct debits. I suck with money so I use Squirrel.me. My bank balance is usually hard up against my overdraft limit. Monzo does not have a 2nd chance for direct debits go out if you don’t have enough in your account. Most banks do.

That and the overdraft is kind of expensive.

Once I’m better off I’ll look at moving back to Monzo.

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Fullish Monzo is the best I can claim. Joint account is the reason again.


#FullMonzo since August 17’. :heart_eyes:

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Half-Monzo here. Salary goes in and bank transfers go straight out to joint account and legacy account with overdraft- and then my transactions disappear for the rest of the month as I dip into the red elsewhere.

Joint pots that can pull DD’s from and a serious overdraft offering that I’m eligible for would win over my full financial life.