What made you go #FullMonzo?

(Gareth) #63

This seems to be a CASS thing rather than anything Monzo related.

I had the same exact thing when I moved to First Direct. O2 took money from the original (moved) DD then took all the future payments from the new DD. It’s probably companies using old systems that don’t handle CASS switches correctly


Yeah it must be a CASS issue I guess.
Definitely not a big enough issue to put me off using CASS either (not that I’ll be wanting to switch from Monzo anyway :grinning:).


yes, it’s all gone through fine now.
I had a bit of a panic on saturday morning when my rent standing order failed to go out, but then I remembered that standing orders aren’t processed on weekends

Very pleased so far!


If you set it up in Monzo it will go out at weekends but if you CASS the standing order over it will only be sent on weekdays

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #67

That’s interesting. Does that mean when the CASS is used it brings with it a little bit of legacy set–up with the SO?


Yes. I think that’s an internal decision to stop customers being confused by unexpected payments at weekends. I’ll go hunting for the post i saw that in

Edit: found it


I see. It would be helpful if this was in the help pages