What is going on with these app updates?!

The latest set of app updates have caused my app (whether freshly installed or not) to be pretty buggy and in general unresponsive/laggy. I’m using the latest iPhone XS with iOS 12.3.1. Here’s a list of things that I have found so far:

  • feed items often double up, making it look like you’ve spent twice
  • feed items sometimes appear as a blank box, when you know there is something there. Scroll past it on the feed and suddenly it appears
  • pot totals often don’t update after a new deposit until you close and re-open the app
  • interest earning pots sometimes show as normal pots, so you can’t see the details about the interest you’ve earned
  • the feed in general is laggy, and stutters when you move it.
  • the app can often be unresponsive. Having to tap on things several times before it takes you where you want to go.

Now with all of these I would begrudgingly understand if there were loads of new updates for features and maybe the app was being overloaded, but there is literally nothing new so why is the app getting worse?!!!

With Monzo being a mobile only bank I am really struggling now to justify what makes it better than its competitors.


I’d be the same. But I’m on iPhone X, and (touch wood) haven’t experienced these difficulties. Maybe try deleting and reinstalling the app?


Yeh, I did pop that at the top of the post just because I knew that’d Be the staple response :wink::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Are you on the new nav or not? Have you tried flicking it off or on to see if that’s the issue?

How big is the apps cache?

Sorry. I missed that. Try again? Until your fingers break?

I haven’t experienced these issues, so can’t advise, really, but these recurring posts do put me off depending on Monzo.

I can’t see anywhere that I can turn the new layout on and it isn’t on at the moment.

Atm Monzo is using a measly 143mb of space / cache.

It’s in Monzo Labs settings - presuming you’re not on a joint account.

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Isn’t an option I can switch on under Monzo labs. These bugs are present both on sole and joint account.

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If you have a JA, you won’t see the option at all. Its coming :soon:

From what I remember there was access to a new navigation UI Monzo were working on but you had to opt-in to get it. There is now a newer version that is only available if you don’t have a joint account (which it seems you do) and it can be turned on/off in Monzo labs.

What version of the app are you running? I’m at 2.53.0 #536

As for the bugs. I’ve not experienced any of them before but would be frustrated too. However, the Pots not updating sounds like an old bug they fixed a while ago now on the new UI that was being developed. What does your UI look like? Maybe you’re somehow stuck on an older version of the early access UI.

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If the bugs are driving you crackers, I’d ask COops (in-app chat) to revert you back to standard navigation. Then when Joint Account access with ‘new, new nav’ is launched, switch it on/off via Labs access.

I’m not on the new UI at all. My app looks the same now as it has from day 1, give or take the very few amendments that have been made.

I’m also on the same build as is mentioned above. I’ve reported the bugs to COps, but as usual I get the “there will always be growing pains” response. My frustration is that these bugs didn’t exist a month ago. I really resent companies that make background changes to their systems and ignore core functionality, allowing that to suffer.

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MIssed that piece of info, apologies.

Thing is. You’re the only one reporting it which is really weird!

The new UI for joint accounts is due soon. It might be worth swapping to it when it goes live in labs and seeing if that resolves the issue (can’t see why it would but software :man_shrugging:).

My husband also has many of these issues on the iPhone X. So yes I may he being vocal about it, but I highly doubt I’m the only one - software definitely doesn’t work like that :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’ve been on this community long enough to know that if something is wrong, people are vocal about it.

Hope it gets sorted for you.

I had the same issue with payments appearing twice but that issue seems to be sorted out now.

Or people get used to it. I see you’ve not even been around for a year yet, so :man_shrugging:t2:

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Yeh it comes and goes for me! An odd one for sure.

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I’ll report back then when I’ve been here long enough. See if anything has changed.