Monzo App Perfomance - And Lack Thereof

What has happened with the performance of the Monzo app recently? I’ve been a Monzo customer since 2016 and the app has never performed as bad as it performs at the moment.

It’s no specific function, everything is just so laggy and slow - especially swiping through pots.

Is anything being done to address this? Payday is a particular burden as sorting out my money which should take 5 to 10 minutes ends up taking 30+ minutes as the app is so slow when loading changes, stutters when flicking through pots and often just randomly jumps from one screen to another.

Please can someone look into this? The app used to be so functional and smooth but as of late, it seems there have been so many UI updates whilst optimisation has been ignored and it’s becoming horrific to use.

No issues here.

What phone do you have? App version? How old is your phone?

Super speedy here on Android (Pixel 6 Pro).

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No issues on iOS - equally a user from 2016.


Have you deleted the app, RESTARTED your phone and reinstalled?

What phone are you using?

I have the exact same problem on iOS and it’s been going on for a few months now. Payday is supposed to be fun and used to take a couple of minutes to sort out all the pots. Now it takes 20 minutes due to the lag.

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