What is going on with these app updates?!

What have you done to try and resolve the issue?

Sometimes when apps start playing up and becoming sluggish they could do with a fresh start. I’d uninstall it, restart your phone and then install it again. :slight_smile:

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People on this forum are very sensitive apparently. Not sure what on this subject has offended someone :man_shrugging:t2: Very sad.

Yes I have tried uninstalling etc. And you’re right, apps don’t do it themselves, developers break apps not the public.

I don’t think people are being overly sensitive, you’re just been confrontational. Obviously bugs happen, but if they’ve managed to make it out into production then they’re not simple bugs, they may well take a long time to debug and fix. You can’t expect monzo to never make a change just in case they create a new bug that would be insane and company suicide.

Monzo move fast, if you raise the bug and provide enough information I’m sure they will get it fixed. But that won’t be instant. Especially if you’re one of the only people raising it as they won’t have much information to go on. Frankly what you’ve told us here isn’t enough for them to debug it. You need to give more details. So raise a proper bug report and wait for them to fix it, because if it’s a real issue they will.


I am absolutely being confrontational. People haven’t bothered to read what I have replied and are suggesting things that are just not worth the time it took them to type.

I have raised the bugs and there really doesn’t need to be anymore detail. Each issue is quite straight forward.

This post was to see if others were experiencing the issue, but as I’ve seen on a lot of posts there are some very dedicated Monzo fans that don’t take well to a bit of criticism, which is a shame.

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Yes, and if you’re implying that this means the app is likely to be buggy, I ask myself if this is something I want from an app only bank.


THANK YOU hahaha :joy::joy::joy:

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I flagged your last post because @Codf was trying to help you and your response was uncalled for. Not because I’m a “Monzo Fanboy”. All he said was that others haven’t been reporting the issue so it must be specific to your environment. Which in part answers the question you’re asking.

All anyone on here has done is ask questions to try and help. They’re wanting to narrow down the issue to find the cause but you’re being so incredibly rude. I can’t believe you’ve openly admitted that you’ve started a discussion to be confrontational either :confused:

With that being said, you’re on your own :raised_hands: Good luck!


I’ve had intermittently and having now the same issues as the OP.

If firstdirect or others had these issues, there would be a huge fuss and serious time given to resolve. Truthfully, I don’t think these types of issues would exist anyway.

So, as already mentioned, if you are an app-only bank, the quality of your app has to be much better, which it’s not.

I’ve been having similar issues with my app for the past 2 weeks or so. The app fails to update, shows duplicate transactions and doesn’t refresh the pots which is the exact same issues that you have.
Kind of worrying, hopefully this will get picked up and fixed soon…


Picked up a bug this morning, when hitting a notification to come into the app, it just stops the app and it freezes on the transaction page, no buttons on the screen respond, so you can’t go back or hit view all to escape the transaction page. Only way back is to force quit the app.

iOS 12.3.1 on iPhone XR
Monzo 2.53.0 #536


Yeh I get that! Force quitting is doing Monzo wonders :joy:

I agree. I bank with nationwide too and although their app hasn’t much to be desired from a functionality perspective, it works seamlessly and so smoothly.

Just came back to the forum after an long time away to report similar issues.
Especially frustrating to have to close the app to get it to refresh.

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I also experience similar issues. Often transactions appear twice and app is laggy. This has been ongoing for a few months. I update the app virtually every week but issue still persists.

I have also had these issues occasionally.

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If everyone having these issues could say:

  • what phone/OS they’re using
  • what the Monzo app version is

I’m sure that information would be useful to Monzo in trying to track down why these things are happening

I’m glad it’s not just me - but also super sad it’s not just me :joy:

I’ve experienced lag and it’s occasionally necessary to force close the app but I’ve not experienced duplicate or pots showing up incorrectly, thankfully.

I agree the experience could and should be better but I’ve experienced problems with other banks and their apps.

What I will say is that unlike any other bank, they have a forum and they’re pretty transparent compared with other banks. Starling shut their forum down.

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