App has become slow, clunky and unresponsive?

Hey, has anyone noticed that the App has become quite clunky and slow when switching between the tabs recently?


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Mine seems to be fine

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Mine seems to be fine but if you haven’t already try uninstalling and reinstalling it or rebooting your device and see what happens.

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What phone?

What os?

What version of the app you running?

What phone? - iPhone 6s

What os? 12.3.1

What version of the app you running? 2.49.0 #528

I’m not finding it slow or clunky, but it’s certainly on the large size. It’s the third largest app on my iPhone after TV and Music - 1.05GB. The HSBC app for comparison is 141MB and Connected Money around 80MB.

It’s on an iPhone X on iOS 12.3.1.

1.05GB… I just checked and Monzo is 110.2MB on my iphone.

The app itself is 114MB, but the documents and data is 940MB…

The only issue I have is the balance not instantly updating. I accept it as part of the beta that I have slight issues.

No issues here so something’s possibly gone screwy with your setup.

The accounts tab on iOS for me has never been particularly smooth (made worse by pots images not being locally cached), but lately it’s been getting much worse.
It’s extremely jerky when scrolling down the pots, and even after a few scrolls to the top and bottom it’s still not as smooth as I would expect.

iPhone X
Monzo 2.49.0
iOS 12.3

Edit: I have a good internet connection, so that is not part of the problem

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I’ve found the following to be really slow on iOS:

  • Creating pots.

  • Editing pots.

  • Loading the Settings page - this has got quicker recently.

  • Loading transactions in the Home feed.

  • Loading the Making Monzo page.

Basically anything which requires fetching stuff from Monzo’s servers.

NB: I have a good internet connection when testing the above.


My accounts tab is now shocking. When I switch, it freezes for a good 5 seconds and then when it unfreezes, it stutters and is really jumpy. It’s awful. Such a shame as before this the app was fantastic.


Hi Matt!

Thanks for your feedback, we’ve made some improvements with the account tab from 2.51.0 which will be released next week, please let me know if you’re still having problems after that. :tada:


Hi @craigj, will these performance improvements be on the iOS version? I really hope so :blush::pray:. Any chance of the pot and profile images finally being locally cached so they don’t have to reload every single time?

How has it grown to that much? Are you doing anything special?

Deleting and redownloading the app clears the documents and data by the way. It’s something I regularly do with Facebook/Messenger/my other apps to make them take less space.

Hi @monzo2018, yes, it will be for iOS.
We’ve not made any changes for Pot images yet, but the screen should be more responsive :raised_hands:


Nope, not really. It’s not a big problem --there’s plenty of space on my phone, it’s just a little weird.

I may reinstall it if it gets any bigger. :slight_smile:

Hi Craig, 2.51, nor this weeks update 2.52 seems to have had any effect on the jerky/stalling experience scrolling up or down the account tab. Are there more optimisations coming soon? The account tab on iOS at the mo isn’t an enjoyable experience :slightly_frowning_face: (iPhone X, iOS 12.3.1).

How many accounts/pots do you have? There must be something we can point a finger at to help diagnose this.

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