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Will there ever be a desktop version of Monzo? Similar to Online Banking.

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and before all the Apple fans clamour for it to be on Mac OS, can I ask for it to be on Windows…

…only joking :joy:

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Or dare I say, on Chromebooks?

Monzo’s not said yes or no for sure yet, there’s more details in this post -

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All recent Chromebooks have access to the full Google Play Store, and Google plan to merge Android and ChromeOS in the future (codename Andromeda) so you can actually install the Android app on a Chromebook.


How about a native OS X app, not a web app!!

That would be beautiful!!

Wouldn’t a website based service, similar to a normal bank, be the best solution? That way it’s going to work across Windows, OSX, Linux and no doubt many other operating systems.

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As you can now write code that works on both Windows desktops and Windows phones that is also a step forward

Can we not get into another “my operating system is better than yours” discussion please :pray:


it was not a iOS v Android spat, just an observation on how much easier it is for programers now not needing different code for Windows v Windows phone. So if any App made for Windows at some point it would hopefully run on a Windows phone too. Then Monzo will cover 3 OS instead of just 2.

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I see your reasoning here, if a windows desktop app would work on windows phone then it’s another mobile platform supported. I’m all for supporting all of the platforms.

I still think a website for account access is a good all round solution for desktops / laptops though.

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It is always my concern if something relies solely on an app (regardless of what OS it is on) if your battery flat or phone being repaired you have no access to your account. Today my phone lasted nearly all day as I rarely used it for email or apps, but normally I am emailing and using apps all day from 08:00-02:00 and by lunchtime battery either recharging or dead (depending if I sat at a desk or out and about). I therefore very happy if Monzo have access via web and apps

If it were created as an Electron app, it could use the same code across all non mobile operating systems, but can still be styled to appear native to the user’s OS.

Going to close this thread now, think we’ve gone a little off topic!

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