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Bit of a new user so forgive me if this has been covered.

With so much more data being gathered on spending patterns categories, etc…, Is there any plan to make a web platform to see it? Managing all my finances and expenditure from my phone is a step up from not managing it at all, but being able to log in and give it proper consideration from a desktop / browser.

Consider it like Strava or one of many fitness tracking apps… Your basic notifications and data are shown or inputted with the mobile. But full consideration is given with a browser to the data.

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This was Tom’s comment on the same request -

But if you’re feeling adventurous & you could try out one of the web apps in this list -

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Oh I realize theres more pressing priorities… Just a suggestion for the future…

As to those apps… WOW another thing I had no idea existed… Great will give them a play…