Is there a web app?

I’m contemplating switching to a phone that may not run Android (or iOS). Is there a web app so all I need is a web browser?

No as monzo is a mobile only bank.

There is a web page for an emergency like losing your phone but you can only view transactions or lock your card.

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“mobile only” does not imply only native apps. Many web sites are mobile ready, and Progressive Web Apps are usually “mobile first”.
I’ll have to switch banks because of this, which is a bit disappointing.

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Or maybe this should say Monzo is an iOS/Google Android-only bank.

Yeah, “native app” is the usual term to distinguish it from Progressive Web Apps that are installed on the phone.

Still, I was sort of hoping the Open Banking thing would mean there’s a web app. It seems not, and I’ll switch to some other bank.

Appreciate this thread is pretty much finished and that you have discovered this feature doesn’t exist, however it has been suggested before and is something you can vote for here:

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