Monzo Desktop version


I was hoping this would potentially reach the right person.

I use the Monzo app a lot and find it super helpful to work through my finances, the only issue I have is that I would find it more practical to have an online desktop version that I could review my bank with. I’m not sure if this is something that has been considered or if this is just a view point that Monzo disagree with although this is the only downside I find with banking with Monzo in comparison to other banks.

Hopefully this can be addressed in the near future.




Very very little chance of this happening I would say.


Monzo business have full Desktop banking and so do Starling (for personal accounts) I doubt giving personal customers web banking, (when they’ve already built it for business customers) would be any hardship, this has been asked for MANY times, it’s simply not going to happen at this point


Real shame, it’s the one thing I really dont like about Monzo. Imagine the possibilities of trends in a wider screen (ala iPad).

While I agree with @Revels that I’ve got more choice of winning the lottery (which I dont play) it has my vote


Not quite. Monzo business has a perfectly serviceable desktop browser interface. But it’s still pretty basic compared to the app. It definitely does not have all the features that the app has, and even features it has can be more limited. Saying that, it’s still very useful for adding notes to transactions and quickly exporting necessary information at tax time. I would love if it supported personal accounts too.

But ideally Monzo would develop a full-featured desktop/iPad app or browser option that takes full advantage of a larger screen.