Seeing Your account online

Hi there, brand new here and to Monzo, does anyone know if we can view your current account online, and make payments etc etc, is this something they will be implementing soon, thanks. Would be a useful feature if they do add it. is a browser based service for emergencies only. It lets you;

  • See your account balance
  • See your list of accounts
  • See your transactions
  • Freeze and unfreeze your card

Nothing more than that is planned at this stage, as far as we’re aware in the forum.


This is true however I feel that it’s not always appropriate to be just app based.

Case in point - Recently placed the ios13 beta on my phone (obviously not everyone would do this but it could have been that I lost my phone)

Had no access to make transactions or send payments for 24/48hr until I reached out to Monzo who sent me a testflight link which worked.

This is one of my concerns still having just gone full monzo.

One of my reasons for asking was, where i work i cant have access to my phone, so if i needed to get someething during the day i would have to use the computer which is a pain, but not something that will crazily affect my life

You downloaded Beta software which is going to have issues. It’s not guaranteed to work with any app, and you do it at your own risk. Not Monzo’s fault!


Bit Harsh

I never once said it was Monzo’s fault. Yes, I didn’t expect it to work on ios13, and like I said Monzo were more than helpful.

But, I won’t have been the only one. Also I’m lucky to be able to use my phone at work at my desk. Not everyone has the luxury, such as the person above.

I work in product management/ux by trade so wanted to give a use case for it.

Have a great evening :slight_smile:

Didn’t mean to be harsh - sorry if it came off that way!

It’s not Monzo’s issue that their app didn’t support a pre-release operating system, so it seems a little unfair to use that as a case for ‘why they need a web interface’.

They’re a mobile bank, and have been from the start. Whilst I wouldn’t mind a web interface, they are going to be predominantly mobile based for the foreseeable future!

You have a great evening too :slight_smile:

No offence taken and no apologies needed.

To be honest thought not to be devils advocate but I disagree, it’s a viable use case

I won’t be the only product manager that downloaded ios13 early doors who doesn’t necessarily have two devices. So while I don’t expect it to work, would be good if it did within a few updates.

But this is why TestFlight exists and as you (and apple etc) say, betas are for test devices



To answer your question there are no plans to make a fully fledged web version. This has been asked before.

The current is more than adequate to tie you over until you get a replacement phone, card or whatever :slight_smile:

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Agreed. However it’s not a given that developers will update their apps for pre-release OS’s, and why should they?! Luckily the dev team at :mondo: are on it!

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The main voting thread for a full feature Monzo Web can be found here: