Using the Monzo Android app on Chrome OS/Tablet

Will i be able to download the App off the google play store and use it? Id like to use it on a laptop or tablet and utilize a larger screen.

I have seen other OLD posts on the forum where some people say they can and some say they can’t, so i just want some clarification from the Monzo staff.


As far as I know the only tablet the Monzo app will work on is the iPad. Even then, it’ll likely be just a magnified version of the iPhone app.

I’ve not seen anything to suggest that this might change.

No, we haven’t made it compatible for the Google Play Store on Chrome OS, so the Play Store won’t allow you to install it.

(My partner recently got the Acer 11 Chromebook, we checked!)

In all likelihood it would probably work fine if we made it available …

But we haven’t been able to test it, and it might potentially cause problems if new users were to sign up from the Play Store on Chrome OS - how would you pass the identity verification, for example? Holding documents up to the front webcam probably wouldn’t work massively well.

So it’s basically just a QA thing. If there was a huge demand for it we might reconsider, but that’s not the case right now.


That’s a shame, i was hoping that getting a Chromebook would allow me to use all those App only services on a larger screen.

Would it be possible to release it to the public with some sort of disclaimer, to cover yourself in case of any problems?

When I first opened my account nearly two years ago, I installed the android app on my phone. All worked well. Then I installed the android app on my tablet. That seemed to work well to. However, when I went back to my phone, I found I had been “logged out” of the app and had to login again. Used the phone app for a bit then went back to the tablet, only to find I had been “logged out” there now. Logged back, used for a while, went back to the phone… You can see where this is going…

Monzo enforced used by one instance of the app at a time.

Apart from that, seemed to work fine on the tablet. Can’t vouch for usage today, but may be worth a try if you’re happy to use it on the tablet only.

They do that. I guess it’s the easiest way to prevent conflicts. It’s the same of you do between iOS and Android, or between iOS devices. There’s only one active session allowed, I believe.

There’s one active session allowed currently on each operating system. So technically if you have an iOS device and an Android one you can have the app open simultaneously without it logging you out.

I imagine the longer term plan is to have some sort of device management where you’ll be able to approve and reject devices your Monzo account is active on. I would guess this will also coincide with somewhere to see and reject apps and services you share your Monzo deets with.

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I’m gonna revive this thread after posting on a different one!

I recently bought a Chromebook and was happy that, if allowed by the developer, I could download apps from the Play Store that I have on my phone. They run windowed so they look as they do on my phone screen (if they’re expanded, it changes to tablet view). Looking at the dev notes Google supply, it looks like you can limit the size of an app so it’s always in mobile view - gets around the issue of there not being a tablet UI as of yet.

Monzo would be such a useful app to have on my laptop - not least in case I lose / break my phone at some point. I know there’s a simple web site, but having the actual app on another device would be a good safety net.

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It’s not something we officially support, but @nexusmaniac has been uploading the APK files to for our app, and you could try sideloading it. It’s not a perfect solution, granted. But perhaps a stopgap.

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Yep! As Simon said, I stick the latest monzo APK files onto apkmirror :grin:

Some users have had luck with using these APKs on their Chromebooks so it’s worth giving it a go :grin:

Note: you will only be able to remain signed into one device at a time :see_no_evil:


Sounds like you have the perfect test subject!

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