Waldo, Smol and other practical subscription services

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The Bristol one was fun… hic!

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(Simon B) #103

Just received the DaySoft lenses. Amazed at the packaging! It’s like the opposite of Amazon who sometimes send me a tiny item in a massive box.

(Andy) #105

Craft gin club. That is my favourite subscription. Albeit maybe not quite so practical!

(Jedihomer Townend) #106

I’ve got that too… No idea how I’ve managed to work at an office and not have Gin delivered… :wink:

(Louis Otto) #107

Got my Smol delivery yesterday, put a load on last night and put it out this morning - really nice fragrance, love the packaging as well, will definitely be continuing my subscription :+1:

Got my trial from Who Gives a Crap as well, but haven’t tried it yet. Had a quick feel of the rolls and I have to say bamboo is far superior to the recycled stuff, but will wait before making a decision to continue or not, as £40 a box still seems quite a lot!

(Ben) #108

@louisotto roll for roll / sheet for sheet - the Who Gives a Crap works out just a touch cheaper than Andrex Quilted Softness (or whatever it’s called).

Their rolls are extra long too - more bang for your buck.

Though you do need storage for 48 loo rolls which might be tough!

They also spend time on the most critical issue I face when choosing which brands to engage with, and I think frankly Monzo could follow in their footsteps:

(Louis Otto) #109

@BritishLibrary Their tone of voice is just superb. My other half works in design and also really appreciates the little touches they put in, like the welcome note you get in the trial. Very good :+1:


I use Dollar Shave Club and pay £3 a month for five blades. Perfectly good shave and excellent value! I’ve got a referral code somewhere if anyone wants one!

(Brian Hunter) #111

Anyone use Thriva? Do they do a discount code thing like some other services use?