What's the last thing you bought online? (No cheating!)

(Simon B) #1

Pictures please.

I just tracked down an obscure 1998 Prince cassette of “The War”… a 26 minute long, dark, chanting, dystopian vision of a future society where you must have a microchip in your neck to survive. One of the least commercial things he ever did… “Kiss” it ain’t! Imagine a sci-fi Gil Scott Heron, afrofuturism meets dystopian funk. Self released on his own label and not too easy to find, but not so well known that the value has shot up to insane levels since he passed, like a lot of stuff (some of the stuff I bought for £5 or £10 a decade ago now sell for over £300). It’s shipping from Australia so might be a few weeks before I get it. Really interesting thing is that it was never sold, it was just sent out randomly to some people who were on his website mailing list back in 1998.

So… what’s the last thing you bought online?

(Simmy) #2

360ML of liquid for my vaporiser, which will last over a month, for £30

(Andy) #3

Clothes from ASOS - I’d share photos but nothing too exciting! :rofl:


Kindle book.

(Phil) #5

Okay so this is super-nerdy… I got a Monzo t-shirt!
It arrived yesterday. I haven’t even taken a photo of it yet though. I will soon.

Before that:
• Nutella and bread from Etefy (Because no Sunday morning is complete without a Nutella sandwich!)


Smol laundry pods but they aren’t here yet :yum:

A graphic book by PopularMMOS who is a YouTuber with god like status according to my youngest. Was just delivered 5 minutes ago

(Simon B) #7


Which one?

(Simon B) #9


(Phil) #10

M logo.
All my friends will be so jealous!

(Lancelot Payne) #11

I think it was hoodie off of eBay if it wasn’t that then a PS4 game haha :smiley:

(Simon B) #12


I’m playing Yakuza Kiwami at the moment.

(Lancelot Payne) #13

My guy haha I have some Yazuka games stored on my console but never did get round to playing them I feel bad but I hope you’re enjoying this. I just picked up an older game for the backlog Rise of The Tomb Raider and to get me ready for Shadow of The Tomb Raider :slight_smile:


A solar charged battery pack for my new OnePlus6!

(Nicholas Carter) #15

New t-shirt and some new shorts for the summer from Jack wills (Vouchercodes Windfall Wednesday meant I got a £20 amazon voucher for a £30 or more spend at Jack wills, can’t go wrong! - They also have 25% off everything atm)


Blackberry Bold 9900… :joy: I was getting all nostalgic about the glorious days of physical keyboards and saw the BB I used to have for £8.99 on eBay, 99% sure I’ll never use it.

(Richard) #17

£20 wall mount for a TV from Amazon…

(Danny) #18

Smol but as not here yet and Tesco and Just Eat don’t count, I last bought these


(Eve) #19

Got one of these cute vintage looking sprays for plants :herb:


£50 worth of Starbucks credit from Zeek. I’m a bit of a Starbucks addict and I love their ice tea range. I managed to get a good percentage off and use a voucher code too.

£50 is a fair whack but the short term cost will pay off in savings in the long term. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Andre Borie) #21

Does food count? :pizza: